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Word of welcome from the Dean of Economics & Business.

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Dr H.G. van Dissel, Dean Economics and Business

Students from all over the world are aware of the sweeping changes brought on by the globalization of knowledge. They are growing up in a world where the cacao farmer in Ghana, while working on a remote farm, can follow world market commodity prices in real time. Where the village doctor in rural China, using his cell phone, discusses with his urban colleague, thousands of miles away, the effectiveness of locally produced generic malaria drugs.

We welcome students from all over the world and challenge them with the high quality education that is necessary to succeed in this increasingly interconnected world. We also encourage them to enjoy the city of Amsterdam, its culture, its architecture, and its history. Walking through Amsterdam or sitting on the terrace of a bar that dates back to the seventeenth century, when Amsterdam was a global trade center, one realizes that globalization is as much part of history as it is part of the future. A perfect city to obtain a world class education!

Dr H.G.van Dissel

Published by  Economics and Business

Economics and Business

22 June 2018