Student psychologists

Student Psychologists of the University of Amsterdam offer a couple of workshops and groups, the stress relief walk-in hour and other support to international students and PhDs.

Below, you can find all workshops and training courses for international students or PhDs 2018-2019.

If you are Dutch or you have sufficient command of the Dutch language, please check the link below as well.

For PhDs: Reducing stress with Compassionate Mind Training

In this training, we will help you examine the nature of stress, and how to recognize it when you get caught up in it. We will use techniques from Compassion Mind Training to help you balance your mind, body and actions. This Compassionate Mind Approach combines evidence-based and research-based Western therapy techniques such as CBT with Mindfulness and recent research on human development and brain studies.

For PhDs: Stressrelief with Compassionate Intervision - walk-in sessions

Every last Tuesday of the month the student psychologist will offer a Stressrelief session for PhDs. In these sessions we will practice Mindfulness  to help you slow down in order to take better care of yourself. There will also be some time to share difficult work situations and support each other with Compassionate Intervision. In this way we will work on building a supportive PhD community and prevent the negative effects of stress.

Target group


Dealing with worry and rumination - training

All students worry from time to time. However, when worry becomes pervasive, taking more of your time and energy and even leads to anxious or depressed feelings or make you lose your focus, you might need some support.

Target group

International students. If there are spots available, a number of Dutch students can participate as well.

Managing stress - training

This group is intended for students that experience high levels of stress during studying. In this group, you will learn and practice new skills in dealing with stress, based on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy principles. You will learn to identify unhelpful thinking styles. You will learn and practice ways to challenge and modify unhelpful ways of thinking and to think in a more balanced way.

Target group

International students. If there are spots available, a number of Dutch students can participate as well.

Mindfulness - training

Mindfulness techniques can be very helpful in dealing with stress and can help reduce negative thinking. The techniques can also help you improve your focus, concentration and thinking skills. You will be learning a more accepting and compassionate way to look at your thoughts and feelings.

Target group

International students having a hard time adjusting. If there are spots available, a number of Dutch students can participate as well.

Stress relief - walk-in hour

During the stress relief walk-in hour, you will learn a number of techniques that can help you cope with stress in your daily life. The stress relief hour is also helpful for international students who feel homesick, lonely and/or have problems with adjusting.

Target group

International students. Dutch students can participate as well.

Graduation - support group

Feelings of uncertainty about your graduation is part of the graduation phase. But if it’s too much to handle, and it becomes too big a challenge for your actual graduation, the Graduation support group is there to help.

Target group

Students from the UvA and universities of applied sciences who are in their graduation phase.

Published by  Studenten Services

21 August 2018