UvA international policy updated

22 August 2017

The international development experienced by the UvA in recent years has led to a need to adjust its internationalisation strategy. This has now been done. The modified objectives and actions can be read in the updated Strategic Framework for Internationalisation recently adopted by the Executive Board.

Adjustments to the Strategic Framework for Internationalisation were necessary because essential developments had occurred since the previous version was published in 2012. For example, the number of international degree students has grown significantly, but progress in social integration of international students has been slow.

'In recent years, the UvA has become an increasingly international university. Our campuses are home to staff and students from more than 100 nationalities. Not only has our education gained a greater international focus, but research projects are becoming increasingly cross-border in nature. With this revised version, the policy-setting framework is being adapted to the new situation being faced not only by the university but by society as a whole', explains Rector Magnificus Karen Maex.

Focus on quality

In this update, the objectives contained in the Internationalisation Framework are increasingly focused on quality (moving away from the quantitative growth ambitions identified previously), and include making changes to the organisational culture in the area of social integration of international students. In addition, the strategy and the implementation of initiatives will specifically consider the impact of internationalisation on Dutch students and staff.

Concrete actions

According to Maex, 'The Strategic Framework for Internationalisation is much more than just a policy document. It also contains a number of concrete actions. For instance, the UvA has decided to create an international classroom for its international students. Further details will be worked out in 2018. The UvA Summer School will also be developed further, and the UvA will strengthen research collaboration with partners in China, India, the United States and Australia in specific research areas.'

The updated Strategic Framework for Internationalisation was drafted following extensive consultation meetings with many parties, including the Central Student Council.

Published by  University of Amsterdam