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In its meeting of 19 December 2017, the Executive Board definitively adopted the 2018 budget, which includes the updated Accommodations Plan ('Huisvestingsplan') and the ICT Project Portfolio.

The budget indicates that the UvA is financially sound and has the necessary funds to implement its plans over the coming years (liquidity). Income and expenditures are in balance for 2018-2021, with room expected in 2021 for additional, as yet unspecified, investments amounting to €7.6 million.    

In addition to the details of the entire University and the budgets of the various faculties, services and other units, the 2018 budget also includes the updated 2018 Accommodations Plan, the 2018 IT Project Portfolio. The budget takes into account the principles in the Framework Letter and the discussions on the draft budget. The development of key financial indicators has also been tested according to the relevant standards. The teaching and research budgets for faculties included in the budget are based on the current allocation model. 

View the 2018 budget (in Dutch)


The UvA’s income in 2018 will increase by €30 million relative to 2017. Of this amount, €22 million is the result of higher government grants. These include, among other things, funds from the Student Loans (Higher Education) Act (Wet studievoorschot hoger onderwijs, WSV) amounting to €7.6 million. The UvA has chosen to make full use of the WSV funds in 2018.

The course set in 2015 to create financial scope for direct investments in education, research and valorisation has been effective. For 2018, additional resources have been made available for blended learning, IT in education and the promotion of interdisciplinary collaboration. The Accommodations Plan has created additional scope for improving accessibility, allowing more room for educational reform and increasing the availability of study places.

Feedback and consultation

The adoption of the final budget marks the end of the budget process, a process which continued on from last year’s initiative to create more space for feedback and consultation. This is why the draft budget was made available online for inspection and feedback in late September. After the Joint Meeting of the Central Works Council and the Central Student Council agreed to the budget on 8 December, the Supervisory Board approved it on 20 December.

Financial transparency

The UvA aims to be as transparent as possible. Our financial documents and the latest information about the framework letter, the budget, the financial statements, the cost model and the allocation model (and any revisions) can be viewed online, in Dutch, at

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