Bitcoin: More than just hype? The disruptive force of cryptocurrencies

MIF Speaker Event & Holland Fintech Meetup

13Oct2017 15:00 - 19:00


Experts and startup companies share insights, experiences and predictions about the possibilities and potential pitfalls of cryptocurrencies.

Updated information:

This event is currently full. Still, we invite you to experience this session, and therefore we have prepared a live streaming service (see links below). This will allow everyone in the audience to watch the session, and also participate in online interactive polls. 

Since the advent of Bitcoin, the number of cryptocurrencies and their valuations has skyrocketed. Blockchain and other driving technologies have caught the attention of a wide and diverse audience.

Despite the intense focus and growing investments in cryptocurrencies, the full disruptive potential is not yet fully understood. More applications and opportunities will emerge as the technology evolves and matures.

Join this event to hear experts as well as several startup companies share their insights, experiences and predictions about the possibilities and potential pitfalls of this groundbreaking technology.

The speakerevent is organised by the executive Master International Finance (MIF) programme together with Holland Fintech for students, alumni, HTC members and industry leaders. To maintain a close interaction between the Business School and business the MIF organises several Speaker Events during the academic year.


15:00 - 15:30: Open doors - walk-in moment for all attendees

15:30 - 15:40: Welcome speech by Don Ginsel, CEO of Holland Fintech

15:40 - 15:50: Welcome speech by Jens Martin, MIF Programme Director

15:50 - 16:00: Company pitch by Alejandro De La Torre (

16:00 - 16:15: Bitcoin Wednesday: the digital currency revolution by Richard Kohl (Bitcoin Wednesday)

16:15 - 16:30: Investing in bitcoins: a real case: Eduard Korijn

16:30 - 17:25: Panel discussion: Maurits Dewina (Innopay), Oz Eleonora (Zinica Group) and Lars van de Ven (AFM). Moderator: Jens Martin (MIF)

17:25 - 17:30: Closing speech

17:50 - 19:00: Networking and drinks


Amsterdam Business School
Plantage Muidergracht 12
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Confirmed speakers:

Alejandro De La Torre, VP Business Development, provides an easy to use and highly secure mobile and web wallet, Bitcoin API, an industry popular block explorer, and mining pool.

Oz Eleonora, Founder & CEO, Zinica Group

Founder and CEO of the Zinica Group, Oz Eleonora is a highly regarded oriented senior executive with extensive business development experience within highly competitive global markets. We will get an overview of a pioneer in the wireless data services market, including consumer mobilized internet services and machine -2-machine (now IoT).

Maurits Dewina; Manager at Innopay

Manager consultant for Innopay with an entrepreneurial spirit. Expert in technology innovation strategy, consortium governance & large scale competitive-cooperative partnerships, NFC-based mobile payments strategy, transactions in mobility and public transit access and blockchain technology.

Eduard Korijn, Investor

Expert in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, Eduard Korijn is a mentor, a consultant, a founder with years of expertise in the field and right now, he will present a unique perspective from an investor point of view of the needs and requirements of an expert in the field.

Richard Kohl, Board Member at Bitcoin Wednesday

Bitcoin Wednesday is the longest-running monthly Bitcoin and Blockchain conference in The Netherlands. The event is held every first Wednesday of the month since its genesis in July 2013. You can follow its program at On this afternoon Richard will give an introduction to how Bitcoin Wednesday fulfils its mission to explore all sides of the sector, to educate and raise awareness of the broad applications of the technology, and to position The Netherlands as one of the world’s leading countries in blockchain and digital currency innovation.

Lars van de Ven, Programme Team Innovation & Fintech at AFM

Specialized for years in financial markets, Lars van de Ven is a member of the Programme Team Innovation & Fintech. Its mission is to accommodate innovations that contribute to the mission of the AFM and to address the risks associated with innovation in the financial sector.

Executive Master in International Finance (MIF)

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