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Study programme

Business Administration: International Management

This one-year programme has a strong international focus and reflects a research-based approach to the field of Business Administration and International Management. In this track you will address a range of questions relating to the way in which multinationals are managed and structured; the cultural, political and managerial challenges that such companies face when doing business across the world, as well as the strategic decisions that managers of these multinationals need to make in order to succeed in the international business landscape.

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About this track

Why are some multinationals better at negotiating the complexities of the international business landscape while others underestimate these challenges or overestimate their ability to resolve them effectively? In the International Management track you will learn to analyse the challenges of managing a multinational, identifying the strategies and tools that managers can and do use to succeed in foreign markets.

First semester

Your year begins with two foundational courses on business theory, which serve as an introduction to the two initial tracks of your choice. In addition, you will be invited to attend UvA in Carré: a unique series of seminars featuring top-level speakers from leading companies, such as Ahold Delhaize, Unilever, and Google. After the first period you will choose your specialisation, which will be explored in greater depth in the second period, by attending two track-specific core courses: with International Strategy you will explore specific advantages at the heart of multinationals’ cross-border strategies through case studies, while with International Business Context you focus on the various contextual factors that multinationals must take into account when making strategic choices regarding their internationalisation path. In the third period, you will formulate a thesis research subject while being introduced to research methodology.

Second semester

During the second semester, the focus is on writing a thesis, attending thesis workshops that will help you in the process of collecting and analysing data. This part of the programme is balanced by the opportunity to select two practice-based electives in the Business Lab.

The Business Lab

The Business Lab allows you to tailor the programme to your own interests and skills, and bridge the gap between theory and practice, by choosing two out of 25 elective courses. Managers from leading companies will bring a real world business case to the classroom that your team has to solve in 6 weeks. You can select from a wide range of topics (e.g. Branding, Online Marketing, Strategy Consulting or Entrepreneurship) and profit from the input of our corporate partners (e.g. VodafoneZiggo, L'Oréal, AB InBev, Deloitte). Presenting your solution to the company and learning from their feedback is a great way to prepare for your future career.

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Please refer to the Course Catalogue for details on the schedule for the February intake.

Course Catalogue


IM alumni hold positions in MNEs such as Trade Marketeer, Management Trainee, Consulting Enterprise Architect, Technology Consultant, Digital Marketing specialist and Franchise coordinator. Learn more on the Career page.