Digital Strategy (CIM)

This prepcourse in Digital Strategy provides insight into how your organisation can implement digital marketing capabilities into strategic marketing planning. It outlines how an understanding and analysis of the macro and micro-environments can enable organisations to assess the impact of the disruptive digital landscape in delivering objectives, in order to develop strategic recommendations. It provides recognition of how creating digital marketing mixes can enable organisations to respond with agility to market needs. It examines how the management of digital channels and the application of key digital measures help to achieve business objectives.


This module is part of the full programme Professional Marketing Diploma (CIM) which consists of three modules.  

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 Each module can be followed separately. For each module you can earn an award leading to a full CIM diploma.

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You can now obtain your CIM diploma at The Amsterdam Business School. Together with the Cambridge Marketing College we offer the complete programme for the Diploma in Professional Marketing and its modules. The Amsterdam Business School is the first and only institute in the Netherlands offering these prep courses.

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