Mastering Metrics (CIM)

Nowadays the role of marketing is taking a huge shift towards working with and understanding metrics. Marketers need to be able to selectively analyse data for insight, and undertake effective decision making in relation to marketing resources. This course looks at the increasing volume and range of data, innovative methods of analysis and new measures of marketing effectiveness.

This module is part of the full programme Professional Marketing Diploma (CIM) which consists of three modules.  


full programme

Each module can be followed separately. For each module you can earn an award leading to a full CIM diploma.

Chartered Institute of Marketing

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You can now obtain your CIM diploma at The Amsterdam Business School. Together with the Cambridge Marketing College we offer the complete programme for the Diploma in Professional Marketing and its modules. The Amsterdam Business School is the first and only institute in the Netherlands offering these prep courses.

A selectioon of responses from our participants:

"It is very interesting and contains enough material about metrics & marketing. I love the bridge/relation between the facts and your own business."

“Excellent course, really helpful for the marketeers of the future.”

“Good overview of all metrics and their effectiveness.”

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