Professional Marketing Diploma (CIM)

Are you a marketing professional wanting to upskill?

Current developments in marketing analytics and accountability, strategic marketing and digital strategy are happening fast. It can hard to keep up with the latest developments in each field. The following three short modules aim to keep you up-to-date and to apply that knowledge in your company instantly:

You can choose to do the three modules seperately or as a full programme. When you finish the full programme successfully you will be able to obtain a Professional Marketing Diploma at the internationally renowned Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Become part of an International Marketing Network

Together with the Cambridge Marketing College the Amsterdam Business School offers the complete programme for the Diploma in Professional Marketing and its modules. The Amsterdam Business School is the first and only institute in the Netherlands offering these prep courses.

A selection of responses from our participants:

"It's amazing to match UvA and CIM philosophies in this course. If you're really want to improve yourself and learn about state-of-the-art marketing trends it's the right place to be."

"86% would recommend this course to others."

"It’s amazing to match UvA and CIM philosophies in this course."

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