Annemarie Mol presents the work of Marilyn Strathern

AISSR Great Thinkers Seminar Series

29Jan2018 15:00 - 16:30


This lecture will not provide an overview, but cut a trail – a typical Strathernian contrast. On our verbal walk we will encounter figurations of kinship; gift giving; the nature/culture contrast; the us/them contrast; the crossing over of theoretical and empirical terms; and finally partial connections.

About Marilyn Strathern

Professor Dame Marilyn Strathern, a product of the Cambridge School of Social Anthropology at its heyday, describes herself as a conventional social anthropologist – but she isn’t. She has investigated contrasting socially constructed realities as being both different and interdependent. In doing so, she has challenged academic concepts informing research into such things as society, gender, kinship, nature, culture.

Among her most well-known books are The gender of the gift (1988), which explores what society and gender might mean Melanesia; and After nature: English kinship in the late twentieth century (1992), a comment on what, in a time of new reproductive technologies, kinship became in England. Strathern’s work has puzzled as well as inspired a whole generation of anthropologists.

Annemarie Mol

About Annemarie Mol

Annemarie Mol is professor of Anthropology of the Body at the University of Amsterdam and recipient of the 2012 Spinoza prize. In her work she combines the ethnographic study of practices with the task of shifting our theoretical repertoires. In this way she has studied hospital knowledge and interventions; technologies and topologies; the control/care and the choice/care contrast; and eating practices. Currently, she is working on diverse ways of valuing and on ways in which non-English words may be made to interfere with academic work in ‘English’. The work of Marilyn Strathern has been an important source of inspiration for her.


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PhD Seminar on the work of Marilyn Strathern

A seminar will follow for AISSR PhD on the work of Marilyn Strathern, on February 12, 15.00-17.00. More info on the PhD Seminar

About the Great Thinkers Seminar Series

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