Impact story: empowering developing countries in the climate debate

9 June 2017

The significant impacts of climate change are affecting people around the globe. The poorest and most vulnerable countries and people are affected the most, yet developing countries do not have the most influential position in the climate debate. Prof. Joyeeta Gupta and her team engage in the empowerment of developing countries in the climate debate. 

Critical research on the topic is not welcomed by all, and researchers have to be proactive in finding ways to influence policymaking. Prof. Gupta is convinced that scientists need to keep communicating their critical message: ‘In the end you will be invited to panels and advisory boards and you will be heard.’

Improving the relations between the poorest and the wealthy and formulating a critical message regarding environmental policies and human wellbeing is at the heart of the work of Gupta and her team. Their aim is to empower local people and developing countries with the knowledge and skills to strengthen their position in local and global negotiations on environmental and developmental policies.

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