Atomic Scale Modeling of Chemical, Physical and Biomolecular Systems (ATOSIM)

The Master's programme Atomistic Scale Modeling of Chemical, Physical and Biomolecular Systems (ATOSIM):

  • is designed for excellent students, both Dutch and foreign (selected students are eligible for a grant via the EU Erasmus Mundus programme)

  • provides a high-level qualification in the rapidly expanding field of computer modeling in physical, chemical and bio-molecular sciences

  • covers a wide range of techniques: from quantum mechanical atomistic descriptions to coarse-grained mesoscopic models

  • has many fields of application, including condensed matter and statistical physics, physical chemistry, materials science, and theoretical bio-molecular science

  • takes place at the University of Amsterdam and the VU University Amsterdam, and also at two other European top-level institutions: the Ecole Normale Supérieure (Lyon) and La Sapienza University (Rome)

  • overlaps with the Master's programme Chemistry of all four partner universities

  • is closely connected to the research groups Computational Physics and Chemistry (UvA) and Theoretical Chemistry Group (VU), which constitute the core of the Amsterdam Center of Multiscale Modeling (ACMM), and the research groups in Lyon and Rome which are counterparts of the ACMM.

Degree programme
MSc Chemistry
Regular study programme
120 ECTS, 24 months
Language of instruction
Starts in
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