Migration and Integration: Refugees, Rights & Realities

What are the legal, political & human ramifications of the current refugee crisis? How should states deal with the highest number of forcibly displaced people (65 million) since WWII?

Quick Facts

  • Student profile ⇒ Current BA, current MA, Professionals
  • Housing dates ⇒ 21 July afternoon - 11 August morning 2018
  • Academic dates ⇒ 22 July - 10 August 2018
  • Academic Director ⇒ Evelien van Roemburg

Why join this programme?

What are the forces behind this number? How do international organizations and sovereign state respond to the challenge of millions of displaced persons? And what about the refugees themselves? Are they interested to permanently settle in Europe or are they better off in countries ‘in the region’? How can they, given their diverse backgrounds, be integrated best into European societies? This interdisciplinary three-week course introduces students to key issues in the legal, (geo)political, sociological and anthropological analysis of forced migration. It enables students to understand the context in which forced migration takes place, the social change this triggers in hosting communities and the efforts needed to successfully integrate newcomers. 

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6 ECTS, 3 weeks
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