The Urban Food Experience

Food and cities are intrinsically connected. Yet it is precisely in cities that we are less and less aware of this, as the production and processing of most of our food now takes place far away from where we live, out of sight and mind. The consequences of this global food system, however, become increasingly visible to us as city dwellers, especially in the Global South and the poorer parts of our cities.

In order to unravel the complex relationship between food and cities, this three-week course takes an interdisciplinary approach, providing a variety of perspectives that each shed light on a different, but related, element of the urban-food dynamics. 

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Programme Dates:   2 July - 19 July 2018
Housing Dates:   29 June afternoon  - 20 July morning 2018
Academic Director:   Freek Janssens
Application deadline:

  1 April 2018

*Please note that these dates are tentative and subject to change

6 ECTS, 3 weeks
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Published by  GSSS Summer Programmes Office