Archival and Information Studies (Heritage Studies)

The Dual Master's programme Archival and Information Studies focuses on Archival Studies, treating contemporary archival theory and practice, training archivists in the science and craft of record-keeping, and providing insight into the archives of the past and future.

Archiving the everyday

The computational turn has fundamentally changed the way people and institutions produce, use, collect, share, and keep information. Data is the vital fuel for a growing number of applications in daily life and has become a fundamental human resource, similar to food, energy or transportation. The result is a fragmentation and personalisation of data-creation and data-use.

What are the implications of these developments for information management and record-keeping? How is this data used and reused in bureaucratic practices, decision-making processes, or information-processing activities? What is needed to optimise accountability and enable reconstruction of present activities in the future? How to keep relevant information accessible in time? How does the data driven culture transform societal values such as transparency and privacy? How do we keep the archives of the past connected to the needs of the present? These questions are central to the Archival Studies track of the Master’s programme Archival and Information Studies.

Archival and Information Studies: Archival Studies at the University of Amsterdam

The Archival Studies track within Archival and Information Studies is a Professional (dual) Master’s programme which means that it serves as an academic preparation for a specific profession. Archival and Information Studies: Archival Studies offers a Professional Master’s degree (18-month programme) that covers the full spectrum of the field. It treats contemporary archival theory and practice, trains archivists in the science and craft of recordkeeping, and provides insight into the archives of the past and future. The internship is an essential part of the programme, and allows you to get acquainted with the practices and challenges of recordkeeping and archiving in the 21st century based on specialist knowledge and theoretical reflection. 

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Degree certificate

Archival and Information Studies is a programme of the accredited Master's degree programme Heritage Studies. Upon successful completion of this programme you will receive a legally accredited Master's degree in Heritage Studies and the title Master of Arts (MA).

With an additional 30 ECTS in the field of history, law or public administration, students can obtain the Archivistiek A certificate which is required for some positions in the Netherlands.

MA Heritage Studies
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90 EC, 18 maanden

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