Hebrew and Jewish Studies (Middle Eastern Studies)

The one-year Master's programme Hebrew and Jewish Studies focuses on Jewish culture and intellectual life from antiquity to the present.

A tailor-made programme

Following a general theoretical and methodological seminar, each student will take tutorials and/or electives in subjects related to his/her desired area of expertise. The students together with the study adviser and tutors draw up their own trajectory. The staff participating in the programme cover a broad range of subjects, periods and approaches: Second Temple period and ancient rabbinic Judaism, medieval culture, with particular emphasis on philosophy and history of the sciences, early modern and modern cultural and intellectual history (including Amsterdam’s Jewish past), book history, Modern Hebrew and Israeli literature and culture, and Yiddish studies.

Why study Hebrew at the University of Amsterdam?

The programme is situated in a city rich in Jewish life and infrastructure. Local institutions include the Bibliotheca Rosenthaliana, the Ets Haim/Livraria Montezinos, the Jewish Historical Museum, and the Municipal Archive. Together the University of Amsterdam and these institutions host extensive collections, ranging from primary sources to contemporary scholarly literature and material objects. We maintain excellent connections with other departments within the university as well as other academic and Jewish institutes, where students can find additional expertise. Thanks to the staff’s national and international networks, most graduates find jobs in their area of expertise.

Degree certificate

Middle Eastern Studies is an accredited degree Master’s programme. After successful completion of the Hebrew and Jewish Studies specialisation, you will receive a legally accredited Master’s degree in Middle Eastern Studies and the title Master of Arts (MA).

MA Middle Eastern Studies
Regulier onderwijs
60 ECTS EC, 12 maanden

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