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The two-year Research Master's in Social Sciences offers you advanced training in contemporary social science research. The programme combines advanced social theory with innovative methodologies in a rigorous and multidisciplinary social science research environment.

Are you interested in social scientific research, and do you want to pursue a career in academic or non-academic research environments? The Research Master's Social Sciences (RMSS) is designed for excellent students with an interest in research from various social scientific perspectives. Due to an extensive focus on advanced quantitative and qualitative research skills, students who have finished the RMSS will be able to carry out high quality scientific research independently.


You will specialise in one of three fields of research:

  • Sources of Inequalities (e.g. Migration & Integration, Inequalities & Institutions, Cultural Sociology

  • Comparative and International Politics (e.g. Conflict & Governance, Political Economy, Democratic Representation

  • Cultures in the Making (e.g. Health Care & Body, Cultural Dynamics, Anthropology of State & Mobility)

​During the programme, you will choose between three research methods tracks: empirical-analytical, interpretative, and mixed.

Research internship and Thesis

An internship allows students to become actively involved in ongoing research projects. The final thesis takes the shape of an article which would qualify for publication in an international peer-reviewed journal or a high level monograph which would qualify as an independent publication from an academic publisher.

What is a Research Master's programme?

Research Master's programmes are two-year programmes specifically designed for excellent students aiming for a career in research. These programmes include additional research methodology, skills training, as well as hands-on experience in the top research groups of the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research.

The programmes prepare students for writing a PhD thesis and an academic career, as well as for a research oriented career outside academia. 

In this video, the features of a Research Master's programme are explained by a current student, an alumni and an academic staff member: 

Student profile

A defining feature of this Research Master’s programme is that it attracts an highly international group of students all motivated to pursue a career in social scientific research.


You will be able to tackle modern social challenges and problems through innovative social science research,. You will gain the ability to formulate socially and scientifically relevant research problems within the key areas of social sciences. The programme develops your capacity to construct a research design to solve these problems through the use of advanced quantitative and/or qualitative techniques. You will be able to report on their research process and conclusions clearly and concisely. 

Focus on research

The RMSS is strongly affiliated to research groups of the  Amsterdam Institute of Social Science Research (AISSR), which is one of the most prestigious institutes of its kind.. The teachers incorporate their ongoing research as part of the courses. Their extremely broad range of interests and their elaborate research experience provide students with a complex and thorough picture of social and political processes.

Degree certificate 

Upon successful completion of the Research Master's programme in Social Sciences students receive a Master of Science (MSc) degree in Social Sciences (Research).

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