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    Programmagroep: Governance and Inclusive Development
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Key interests

Fisheries governance, coastal zone development, livelihood/wellbeing studies, legal pluralism, South Asia

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Personal Information

Date of birth :  21 October 1954

Nationality   :   Dutch

Marital status : Married with three children

Languages: Dutch (mother tongue), English (fluent), French (good), Tamil (working knowledge) and German (working knowledge).


  • Ph.D. from the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands (1998).Dissertation title: One sea, three contenders. Legal pluralism in the inshore fisheries of the Coromandel Coast, India .
  • MA in Development Sociology/Social Anthropology, Free University, Amsterdam , the Netherlands (1981)
  • H igh School diploma, Kodaikanal, South India (1972).


  • Associate professor, Department of Human Geography, Planning and International Development Studies ( University of Amsterdam ) (2009-Present).
  • Assistant-professor, Department of Human Geography, Planning and International Development Studies ( University of Amsterdam ), (2000-2009).
  • Director, Centre for Maritime Research (MARE), a joint initiative of the University of Amsterdam and Wageningen University (Dept of Social Sciences) (2000-Present).
  • Co-ordinator, Steering Committee Co-financing Program, Ede , The Netherlands (2000-2001)
  • Consultant development cooperation (1989-1994, 1998-2000)
  • Consultant, Dutch Refugee Council (1985)
  • University lecturer development sociology, Free University, Amsterdam (1981-1984)

Research projects

  • Director, NWO/WOTRO funded CoCooN project entitled 'Re-incorporating the excluded: providing space for small-scale fishers in the sustainable development of fisheries of South Africa and South Asia ' (2010-2015)
  • Associate researcher, DFID/NERC-funded ESPA project entitled 'Building capacity for sustainable governance in South Asian fisheries: poverty, wellbeing and deliberative policy networks' - coordinating agency IDS/Sussex (2009)
  • Co-ordinator AsiaLink programme Coastal Profs developing a social science master module for professionals in coastal management, Wageningen University   (2006-2008; see www.coastalprofs.eu )
  • Director IDPAD research programme entitled Cooperation in a context of crisis: public-private management of marine fisheries in South Asia (2003-2006)   
  • Co-ordinator social sciencesection of FP6 research programme entitled 'Ecosystems, societies, consilience, precautionary principle: development of an assessment method of the societal cost for best fishing practices and efficient public policies'  (ECOST 2005-2010)
  • Coordinator of EC-funded thematic network titled Fisheries governance and food security: North and South in concert. Employer: SISWO, Netherlands Institute for the Social Sciences  (2001-2004)

PhD Supervision

  • Marloes Kraan (2003-2009), fisheries governance Ghana
  • Ranjith Wickramasinghe (2003-2010), fisheries institutions Sri Lanka
  • Iris Monnereau (2006-Present), lobster fisheries Caribbean
  • Jacky Sunde (2010-Present), customary law in fisheries, South Africa
  • Joeri Scholtens (2011-present) fishing conflicts, Sri Lanka
  • Johny Stephens (2011-present) fishing conflicts India
  • Ali Brown (2014-present) gender, security and livelihood space, Sri Lanka
  • Annisa Triyanti (2014-present) governance coastal disaster, India/Indonesia
  • Darryl Colenbrander (2013-present) urban planning for coastal hazard, South Africa

Professional activities

  • President Commission on Legal Pluralism ( International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences, and affiliated with the International Association of Legal Sciences ),  (2009-Present)Director biennialMARE Peopleand the Sea Conferences (2001-)Present
  • Editor (with Svein Jentoft, University of Tromso) of MARE Publication Series (2003-Present)
  • Board member Oikos (2008-Present)

Selected Publications

Monographs/Edited volumes

Bavinck, M., L. Pellegrini and E. Mostert (eds.) 2014. Conflict over natural resources in the global south – conceptual approaches. CRC Press/Taylor & Francis\Bavinck, M., R. Chuenpagdee, S. Jentoft and J. Kooiman (eds) 2013. Governability – theory and applications for fisheries. MARE Publication Series, Dordrecht: Springer.

2.    Kooiman, J., M.Bavinck, S. Jentoft and R. Pullin (eds.) 2005. Fish for Life: interactive governance for fisheries . Amsterdam : AUP.


3.    Bavinck, M. 2001. Marine resource management. Conflict and regulation in the fisheries of the Coromandel Coast, New Delhi : Sage


4.    Bavinck, M. 1984. Small fry. The economy of petty fishermen in northern Sri Lanka. Free University Press, Amsterdam


Refereed articles

  1. Jentoft, S., M. Bavinck, D.S. Johnson, and K.T. Thomson 2009. Fisheries co-management and legal pluralism: how an analytical problem becomes an institutional one. Human Organization 68 (1): 27-38. [Impact factor: .899]
  2. Bavinck, M. 2008. Collective strategies and windfall catches: fisher responses to tsunami relief efforts in South India . Transforming Cultures 3 (2) 17 pp.
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  • D. Johnson & M. Bavinck (2010). Social justice and fisheries in India: social justice and fisheries governance: the view from India. (extern rapport). Rome: FAO.




  • M. Bavinck & S. Jentoft (2011). Subsidiarity as a guiding principle for small-scale fisheries. In R. Chuenpagdee (Ed.), World small-scale fisheries: contempary visions (pp. 311-320). Delft: Eburon.





  • J.M. Bavinck (2013). Organizer of the People and the Sea VII - Maritime Futures. International conference: Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2013, June 26 - 2013, June 28).
  • J.M. Bavinck (2013). Member of organizing committee. CERES Summer School 2013: Amsterdam (2013, June 25 - 2013, June 26).
  • J.M. Bavinck (2013). Chair organizing committee. International conference 'Evolving Humanity, Emerging Worlds' - section legal pluralism: Manchester, UK (2013, August 5 - 2013, August 10).
  • J.M. Bavinck & L.S. Nencel (2012). INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT STUDIES: A CHALLENGE FOR THE FUTURE? Ceres Summer School: Amsterdam (2012, June 25 - 2012, June 26).


  • J.M. Bavinck (2012, October 19). Legal pluralism in South Indian fisheries: a typology of interplays. Center for Asian Studies, University of Colorado, Boulder, Asian Studies Seminar.
  • J.M. Bavinck (2012, October 22). Caste law and the regulation of ocean fisheries. South Asia Institute, Columbia University, New York, Distinguished lecturer seminar.


  • J.M. Bavinck (Ed.). (2021) Maritime Studies.
  • J.M. Bavinck & J. Gupta (Eds.). (2014) Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, 11.


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