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Key interests

Fisheries governance, coastal zone development, livelihood/wellbeing studies, legal pluralism, South Asia

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Maarten Bavinck

is professor in the Department of Geography, Planning and International Development Studies (GPIO) of the University of Amsterdam and a member of the Governance and Inclusive Development programme group. He also holds a chair in coastal resource governance at the Norwegian Fisheries College of the Norges Arktisk Universitet in Norway. Maarten is specialized in the governance of capture fisheries, particularly in the South, and is especially interested in the fate of small-scale fisher peoples. His own fieldwork is concentrated in South Asia (India and Sri Lanka). Maarten's theoretical perspectives are interactive governance, legal pluralism, and political ecology. He has authored two monographs and several edited volumes, as well as a large number of peer-reviewed articles and book chapters. 

Maarten is founder and co-director of the social-science Centre for Maritime Studies (MARE), and founding associate editor of the journal Maritime Studies. He also co-edits (with Svein Jentoft) the MARE Publication Series, published by Springer. He has recently served as president of the International Commission on Legal Pluralism (2008-2015). 

Among other research activities, he is now the principal investigator of the REINCORPFISH project (NWO/WOTRO 2010-2016) that focuses on the resolution of fisheries conflicts in South Asia and South Africa. He has played leading roles in many other projects funded by the European Commission, NWO/WOTRO, ESRC (UK), ICSSR (India), and SSHRC (Canada). His teaching activities (undergraduate/graduate/PhD)  are concentrated in the International Development Studies programme of the University of Amsterdam, in which he takes responsibility for courses on environmental and marine geography, governance, and South Asia studies.  









  • D. Johnson & M. Bavinck (2010). Social justice and fisheries in India: social justice and fisheries governance: the view from India. (extern rapport). Rome: FAO.




  • M. Bavinck & S. Jentoft (2011). Subsidiarity as a guiding principle for small-scale fisheries. In R. Chuenpagdee (Ed.), World small-scale fisheries: contempary visions (pp. 311-320). Delft: Eburon.





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  • J.M. Bavinck (2013). Chair organizing committee. International conference 'Evolving Humanity, Emerging Worlds' - section legal pluralism: Manchester, UK (2013, August 5 - 2013, August 10).
  • J.M. Bavinck (2013). Member of organizing committee. CERES Summer School 2013: Amsterdam (2013, June 25 - 2013, June 26).
  • J.M. Bavinck (2013). Organizer of the People and the Sea VII - Maritime Futures. International conference: Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2013, June 26 - 2013, June 28).
  • J.M. Bavinck & L.S. Nencel (2012). INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT STUDIES: A CHALLENGE FOR THE FUTURE? Ceres Summer School: Amsterdam (2012, June 25 - 2012, June 26).


  • J.M. Bavinck (2012, October 19). Legal pluralism in South Indian fisheries: a typology of interplays. Center for Asian Studies, University of Colorado, Boulder, Asian Studies Seminar.
  • J.M. Bavinck (2012, October 22). Caste law and the regulation of ocean fisheries. South Asia Institute, Columbia University, New York, Distinguished lecturer seminar.


  • J.M. Bavinck (Ed.). (2021) Maritime Studies.
  • J.M. Bavinck, M.A. Simon Thomas & B. Turner (Eds.). (2015) Journal of legal pluralism and unofficial law, 47(3).
  • J.M. Bavinck & J. Gupta (Eds.). (2014) Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, 11.


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