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dhr. prof. dr. F. (Franz) Berto

Wijsbegeerte, i.h.b. metafysica en geschiedenis van de filosofie
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Check the new Bloomsbury book: Ontology and Metaontology: A Contemporary Guide.


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I teach and work on logic and metaphysics. Before coming to Amsterdam, I’ve been doing more or less the same at the University of Aberdeen UK, at the Institute for Advanced Study, University of Notre Dame IN-USA, at the Sorbonne-Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris, at the Universities of Padua, Venice and Milan-San Raffaele in Italy.

I love logical paradoxes, impossible worlds, nonexistent objects, and philosophers who don’t take themselves too seriously.


2016-21 Five-year ERC Consolidator grant at the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC): "The Logic of Conceivability", € 2.000.000. 

2013-15 Two-year AHRC Early Career Researcher grant at the University of Aberdeen: "The Metaphysical Basis of Logic", £ 240.000. 

2010-12 Two-year research grant at the Department of Philosophy, University of Venice: "The Gödel Paradox and Wittgenstein's Reasons", € 28.000. 

2010-11 One-year research fellowship at the Institute for Advanced Study, University of Notre Dame (USA), $ 58.000. 

2010 Ca' Foscari Research Prize, University of Venice, € 10.000.



I run the entries "Dialetheism" (with Graham Priest), "Cellular Automata" (with Jacopo Tagliabue), and "Impossible Worlds" of the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.


I have refereed for Analytic Philosophy, Australasian Journal of Logic, Australasian Journal of Philosophy, Dialectica, Disputatio, Erkenntnis, International Studies in the Philosophy of Science, Journal of Philosophical Logic, Logica Universalis, Logique et Analyse, Mind, Philosophical Quarterly, Philosophical Studies, Review of Symbolic Logic, Southern Journal of Philosophy, Synthèse, Thought, Continuum-Bloomsbury, Oxford University Press.

Courses 2015-16:

Metaphysics (BA Philosophy)
Possible Worlds: Logic & Metaphysics (ILLC MSc Science of Logic)
Ontology & Existence (MA Philosophy)




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  • F. Berto (2015). A Modality Called 'Negation'. Mind, 124 (495), 761-793. doi: 10.1093/mind/fzv026
  • F. Berto & M. Plebani (2015). Ontology and Metaontology: A Contemporary Guide. London/New York: Bloomsbury.



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  • F. Berto (2014). The Metaphysical Basis of Logic. . Rede, bij de aanvaarding van het ambt van hoogleraar Wijsbegeerte in het bijzonder metafysica en geschiedenis van de filosofie aan de Faculteit der Geesteswetenschappen (2014, November 14). Amsterdam: Universiteit van Amsterdam.[go to publisher's site]
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