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Brian Burgoon is Professor of International and Comparative Political Economy at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). He received his PhD from MIT in 1998 and held posts at Brandeis University and Johns Hopkins University SAIS before joining the UvA faculty.  His research and teaching focus on the interaction between political and economic life in three research lines. The first concerns the nature, origins, and consequences of economic globalization, including trade, investment and migration. The second concerns the political economy of welfare and labor-market policies, regulations and standards in industrialized countries.  And the third concerns how economic conditions influence violent conflict, including civil wars and terrorism. These research themes are manifested in the research projects and publications briefly summarized below. 

Burgoon Inaugural Address (June 6, 2013)

Current Position

  • Professor of International and Comparative Political Economy at the Dept. of Political Science, UvA.
  • Co-director of Research Programme on Political Economy and Transnational Governance (PETGOV) in the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research (AISSR),
  • Member of Amsterdam Center for Inequality Studies (AMCIS) and Faculty 'Priority Area' INSTINE. 
  • Member of the Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies (IMES) 
  • Director of the MA Programme of International Relations
  • Member of Board of Directors, Dialogue Advisory Group (DAG)


  • PhD in Political Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), 1998

Running Projects

  • International Migration Policy and Law Analysis (IMPALA) Database. Multi-university data-gathering project to code the form and stringency of immigration laws and policies across OECD countries since 1960.  Project partners are Harvard University, University of Luxembourg, London School of Economics (LSE) and University of Sydney.
  • Political Responses to Globalization Survey. Multi-country survey project focused on attitudes about trade,investment and immigration through matching surveys conducted among workers, business-owners, trade association and union representatives, and legislators.  The project's PI is Michael Hiscox (Harvard University).
  • Human Rights Promotion and Violent Conflict. Large-N and ethnographic-case study of how promotion of human rights in conflict situations affects the development and resolution of acute civil conflicts. With Ram Manikkalingam, Andrea Ruggeri and Willem Schudel. Funded by the Dutch National Organization for Scientific Research (NWO).
  • Global Reordering: Evaluation through European Networks (GR:EEN)  EU FP7 Program focused on the political economy of network governance in Europe (UvA contributions led by Jonathan Zeitlin and Daniel Muegge). My contributions involve study (with Luc Fransen) of labor-standards protection in EU and national trade policies and in non-state initiatives.

Selected Publications

Selected unpublished papers


  • Kernmodule InternationaleBetrekkingen (Core Course on International Relations)
  • Methodology Clinic for PhD students (withAnnette Freyberg-Inan)
  • Political Economy of Conflict (with Andrea Ruggeri)
  • American Foreign Policy
  • Politics of Immigration (with Marcel van Egmond)
  • Politics of Globalization
  • Labor Institutions and Globalization (with Jelle Visser)
  • Gevolgen van Welvaartsstaten (Consequences of Welfare States) (with Robert van der Veen)
  • Onderzoeksmodule (BA Honoursprogramma)





  • B. Burgoon & D. Raess (2011). Does the global economy mean more sweat? Trade, investment, migration and working hours in Europe. Socio-Economic Review, 9(4), 699-727.
  • B.M. Burgoon, C.J.W. Schudel & R. Manikkalingam (2011). Naming, Shaming and Peacemaking: Civil War and Media Coverage of Human Rights Violations. In Annual Meeting of the International Studies Association, Montreal (Canada).
  • B.M. Burgoon & C.J.W. Schudel (2011). The Political Economy of Aid and Foreign Direct Investment. In Annual Meeting of the International Studies Association, Montreal (Canada).
  • B.M. Burgoon, C.J.W. Schudel, R. Manikkalingam & A. Ruggeri (2011). From Naming and Shaming to Negotiated Peace: Civil War and Media Coverage of Human Rights Violations. In Network of European Peace Scientist's Annual Conference, Amsterdam (NL).
  • B.M. Burgoon & M. Hiscox (2011). The Strange Politics of Compensation: Individual Support for Trade Adjustment Assistance in the United States. In Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association, Seattle Washington (USA).
  • B.M. Burgoon (2011). Inmmigration, Integration and Support for Government Redistribution in Europe. In Midwest Political Science Association Annual Meeting (Chicago, Ill).
  • B.M. Burgoon (2011). Partisanship and Anti-globalization Packlash. In Annual Meeting of the International Studies Association, Montreal (Canada).




  • B. Burgoon, P. Demetriades & G. Underhill (2012). Bronnen en legitimiteit van financiële liberalisering. Res Publica, 54(3), 391-394.
  • H.G. van de Werfhorst, I.G. Toth, D. Horn, M. Medgyesi, N.J.W.R. Notten, C. Haas & B.M. Burgoon (2012). Political and Cultural Impacts of Growing Inequalities. Report of Work Package 5 of the EU FP7 project Growing Inequalities’ Impacts (GINI). Amsterdam: Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Labour Studies (AIAS).


  • B. Burgoon (2009). [Review of the book Containment: rebuilding a strategy against global terror]. Acta Politica, 44(2), 337-341.


Wetenschappelijke positie

  • B.M. Burgoon (period: 2011 till 2015). Member International Advisory Board of Review of International Political Economy Position at : Review of International Political Economy.
  • B.M. Burgoon (period: 2012 till ). Member of four-member Position at : Editorial Committee of 'Changing Welfare States' book series.
  • B.M. Burgoon, C.J.W. Schudel & A. Ruggeri (period: 2011 till 2012). Host and Co-organizer Position at : Network of European Peace Scientists (Annual Meeting).
  • B.M. Burgoon (period: 2011 till 2012). International Advisory Board Position at : 'Review of International Political Economy'.
  • B.M. Burgoon (period: 2008 till 2009). Member Beste Dataset Award Committee Position at : American Political Science Association.
  • B.M. Burgoon (period: 2009 till ). Secretary-Treasurer and Member of Board of Directors Position at : Dialogue Advisory Group.

Wetenschappelijke positie

  • B.M. Burgoon & W. Jacoby (2012). (Mede)organisator. Special Issue "The Politics of Chinese FDI in Europe": Amsterdam (2012, June 1).
  • B.M. Burgoon & S. Meunier (2012). (Mede-) organisator. Special Issue "The Politics of Chinese FDI in Europe": Princeton (2012, November 1).
  • B.M. Burgoon & G.R.D. Underhill (2012). Legitimacy, Austerity, and Capital Market Integration. Research Workshop: Johns Hopkins University Bologna Centre, School of Advanced International Studies (2012, June 21 - 2012, June 22).
  • B.M. Burgoon (2012). Organisator. Workshop over Immigration and Welfare (als onderdeel van PEGGED project): Brussel (2012, June 1).
  • B.M. Burgoon, C.J.W. Schudel & A. Ruggeri (2011). Conference organizer European Peace Science Association. European Peace Science Association, Annual Conference June 2011: .


  • B.M. Burgoon (). Inequality and Anti-globalization Backlash. unknown, Columbia University Department of Political Science Invited Speaker Series.
  • B.M. Burgoon (). Chinese FDI and European Labor. unknown, Princeton University Department of Politics workshop on the European Politics of Chinese FDI.
  • B.M. Burgoon (2011, February 14). Immigration, Integration and Support for Government Redistribution in Europe. Juan March Institute, Madrid, CEACS Invited Speaker Series.


  • B.M. Burgoon (Ed.). (2009). ASSR Working Paper Series.
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