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Brief CV

Charles Forceville was born in Heemstede, NL, in 1959. He studied English at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, where after graduating he taught in the English, comparative literature, and Word & Image departments. From 1996-1998 he did a post-doc "Narration in Fiction and Film" at the University of Leyden. Currently he works in the Media Studies department of the Universiteit van Amsterdam, where he is associate professor. He serves as member of the advisory boards of Metaphor and Symbol , Journal of Pragmatics , Public Journal of Semiotics , Atlantis , Lodz Papers in Pragmatics, and the Benjamins series Review of Cognitive Linguistics and Cognitive Linguistic Studies of Language and Cognition in Cultural Contexts. Forceville was programme director of the Research Master Media Studies from 2004-2012 and chairs the ASCA project AIM/Structure & Rhetoric in Multimodal Discourse (see the "Adventures in Multimodality"/AIM blog at ) .  From 2005-2008 he was external examiner of the MPhil Text and Visual Studies (TVS) at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. Apart from publishing scholarly articles and book chapters, he wrote some 200 reviews of English-language fiction for the Dutch national newspaper Trouw (1987-2007). The volume Multimodal Metaphor  (Mouton De Gruyter), co-edited with Eduardo Urios-Aparisi, appeared in September 2009. In 2008 he was given the opportunity, together with Kurt Feyaerts and Tony Veale, to spend six months as visiting fellow at VLAC (Vlaamse Academie/Royal Flemish Academy) in Brussels, Belgium, to work on the project The Agile Mind: Creativity in Models and Multimodal Discourse.  An edited volume on the topic appeared in 2013 with Mouton de Gruyter. Forceville spent a sabbatical at the university of Lund, Sweden (hosted by Carita Paradis) in teh autumn of 2014, to work on a monograph showing how relevance theory can be applied to mass-communicative visuals; and on volume  Visual Argumentation, co-edited with Assimakis Tseronis.

He regularly uploads pre-prints of papers and chapters on his UvA-Dare, and Researchgate profiles.

Scholarly background and beliefs

"Educated in a literature and linguistics department, I thrived on a passion for literature. But gradually I found the activity of interpreting literary works, while an enjoyable and important pursuit, no longer satisfied my scholarly ambitions. Adopting the Cognitive Linguistics' work on metaphor I developed a model of pictorial metaphor ( Pictorial Metaphor in Advertising, Routledge 1996). Since my appointment as lecturer and researcher in Media Studies, my research has broadened from pictorial metaphor to multimodal metaphor, from static representations to moving images, and from advertising to other popular art forms, such as comics and animation. Over the past few years my work is shifting from multimodal metaphor per se to multimodal discourse (see: ).

While I see text-based analyses of contemporary representations (literature, advertising, comics, cartoons, film) as basic to my scholarly work, my goal, in the broadest sense, is to contribute to cognitivist theories of the image and of multimodal discourses. I strive to make my work both theoretically insightful and practically applicable and attempt to formulate my findings in such a way as to enable verification and falsification as well as to provide starting points for empirical testing. I consider it crucial to demonstrate that humanities-oriented research focusing on art and popular culture is of interest to work that is being done in the social sciences - and vice versa. In my view, sociobiology offers excellent opportunities for further researching "gene-culture co-evolution. Relevance Theory and narratology profoundly influence my scholarly work."

Keywords in research and teaching 

Multimodal metaphor, multimodal rhetoric & narrative, narrative across media, relevance theory, genre, documentary film, animation, comics & cartoons.

I am interested in supervising BA, MA and PhD theses and post-doc work about a wide range of topics pertaining to multimodal discourse involving visuals. My preference is for candidates who like problem-driven research, aim for a clear methodology, and are prepared to do systematic text-based analysis.

Prospective PhD candidates need to be aware of two important practicalities: (1) I can only supervise candidates that will eventually defend their PhD-thesis at the University of Amsterdam; (2) Unfortunately I do not have, at present, financial resources, which means that candidates need to havefellowships, grants, or other sources of income to support themselves during 3-4 years (or at least a substantial portion of that period) to work and live in Amsterdam.

Plenaries, Invited Lectures/Talks

16-18/4/15       Plenary talk “Stylistics and comics.” AESLA XXXIII (Theme: Multimodal Communication in the XXI Century: Professional and Academic Challenges). UPM/Technical University of Madrid (org. Silvia Molina & Ana Roldán).

23-27/3/15       Visiting scholar at University of Granada, Dept. of English and German philology, Spain. Participation in course “Pragmatic processes in utterance interpretation: metaphor, a case in point” (org. Belén Soria Clivillés);

28-30/1/15       Keynote/workshop “Multimodality in comics,” Winter School "Mediality and Multimodality,” University of Tübingen, Germany (org. Jan-Noel Thon & Klaus Sachs-Hombach).

1-3/12/14         Plenary and workshop “Creative pictorial & multimodal metaphor in advertising & cartoons” in PhD Masterclass in Multimodal Analysis Methods, University of Southern Denmark, Odense, with John Bateman and Theo van Leeuwen (organized by Niels Christian Hansen and Theo van Leeuwen.)

9-12/14            Guest lectures during sabbatical in Lund, Sweden: on relevance theory applied to visuals in Research Seminar organized by Carita Paradis (1/10, Lund, Lund); on pictorial runes and hand loss in comics/manga in Research Seminar organized by Göran Sönesson (16/10); on journey metaphor in seminar series “From words to discourse,” organized by Carita Paradis & Matteo Fuoli (31/10, Lund); on pictorial metaphor in advertising & cartoons (6/11) and on relevance theory applied to visuals (7/11), University of Bergen, Norway, organized by Jens Kjeldsen; on relevance theory applied to visuals and visual and multimodal metaphor in advertising seminar in Visual Communication elective, Copenhagen Business School, 14/11, organized by Daniel Barrett; on relevance theory applied to visuals in Seminars in Cognitive Science series, (19/11 Lund), organized by Peter Gärdenfors; (with Jana Holsanova) “Narrating film to the blind: Plan for a semi-experimental study,” Symposium Film, Experimental Design & Quantitative Analysis.” Film Department University of Copenhagen, 21/11, organized by Birger Lankjaer & Andreas Gregersen; on the stylistics of comics, “Medium Specificity Revisited” (also with Irina Rajewsky), Linnaeus University, Växjö, Sweden, 17/12, organized by Jørgen Bruhn & Charlotte Hommerberg); on relevance theory applied to visuals, Department of Literature and History of Ideas,
Stockholm University, 18/12, organized by Christer Johansson.

14/5/14            Guest seminar in Metaphor course, Universität Potsdam, Institut für Romanistik (org. Eva Kimminich).

2-9/5/14           Lectures at Latvijas Kultūras akadēmija (Latvian Academy of Culture), dept. of Intercultural Communication and Foreign Languages, Riga, Latvia, Erasmus exchange (org. Anita Naciscione).

15-28/3/14       Visiting scholar at University of Granada, Dept. of  English and German philology, Spain. Participation in course “Pragmatic processes in utterance interpretation: metaphor, a case in point” (org. Belén Soria Clivillés); workshop on multimodal discourse for post-PhD researchers, lecture to BA students “Critical Discourse Analysis” (org. Encarnacion Hidalgo Tenorio) + presentation on symposium “Rhetoric , Pragmatics and Stylistics: New Trends” (Texto y Discurso en Inglés Moderno, [HUM270] Grupo & University of Granada, Facultad de Filosofía y Letras, 27-28 March) + work on my own research. 

10 -11/10/13 Keynote lecture & workshop at research seminar New Directions in Metaphor Research. University of Southern Denmark, Campus Slagelse, Denmark (org. Astrid Jensen, Thomas Wiben Jensen, and Soren Vigild Poulsen).

25-27/9/'13 Plenary talk at conference   Intersemiotic Translation , University of Lodz, Poland (org. Alina Kwiatkowska).

 25-26/713 Invited participation workshop "Language in Mind and Society," University of Birmingham, UK (org. John Barnden & Jeannette Littlemore).

11-13/7/13 Plenary talk "Relevance Theory and communicating by pictures and  word & image texts." CRAL/CILAP conference "Meaning construction and meaning interpretation: applications and implications." University of La Rioja, Logroño, Spain (org. Paula Peréz Sobrino & Francisco Ruiz de Mendoza).

2-3/5/13 Keynote lecture at conference Multimodal Communication: Language, Performance and Digital Media"/Transmedial Knowledge Base for the Performing Arts (Centro Cultural de Belem, Lisbon, Portugal (org. Carla Fernandes).

15-23/3/13   Visiting scholar at University of Granada, Dept. of English  and German philology, Spain. Participation in course "Pragmatic   processes in utterance interpretation: metaphor, a case in point" + lecture to BA students (Course: "Critical Discourse Analysis") + presentation in mini-symposium on multimodal discourse + work on research (org. Belén Soria Clivillés and  Encarnacio Hidalgo Tenorio ).

18-23/2/13 Guest lectures at Vilnius University, Kaunas Faculty of Humanities (org.  Saulė Juzelėnienė and Skirmante  Sarkauskiene).

23-24/1/13     Invited participation in workshop on metaphor in film. University of Copenhagen, Film Studies dept. (org. Torben Grodal and Johannes Riis). 

27/8/12    Workshop "Emotion in comics" at International Summer School in Affective Sciences (ISSAS) International Summer School in Affective Sciences "Art, Aesthetics & the Emotions" (22-29 August 2012), Swiss Center for Affective Sciences, Château de Bossey, Geneva, Switzerland (org. Cristina Soriano).

4-7/7/12       (1) Invited paper" Creative metaphors and metonyms: sound in film" for theme panel "Metaphor and Metonymy in Creative Thought and Expression Across Genres" (org. Susan Ryland & Helen Thomas); (2) invited paper "Creative mappings in GOOD IS LIGHT & BAD IS DARK" in films (with Thijs Renckens) for theme panel "Metaphor and Creativity" (org.Laura Hidalgo and Blanca Kraljevic), "RaAM conference Lancaster, UK.   

March/Apr 12     Visiting scholar at Granada University, Dept. of   English and German philology, Spain (org. Belén Soria). Participation in teaching programme, workshop on multimodal discourse, and work on research.

20-23/9/11     Invited lectures on multimodal discourse at Linnaeus University, Växjö (org. Jörgen Bruhn, Lars Elleström,and Charlotte Hommerberg) and Lund University (org. Carita Paradis and Charlotte Hommerberg), Sweden.

28-29/3/11     Pictorial and multimodal discourse in stories and argumentation. Invited talk at European University Viadrina (Frankfurt/Oder, Germany), founding international research consortium Dynamic Multimodal Communication (DMC) (org. Cornelia Mueller, Arnd Wasserloos,Guido Schnieders).

17-18/11/10     Invited talks on (1) Pictures & Relevance Theory; and (2) Multimodal Metaphor in Moving Images during workshop on Multimodal Metaphor and Expressional Movement , Freie Universität Berlin, funded by the Cluster of Exellence "Languages of Emotion" (org. Cornelia Müller, Hermann Kappelhof, Susanne Tag; other workshops by Todd Oakley).

1/6/10           Invited talk in the Multimodalities Seminar Series of the Literacy Research Discussion Group at University of Lancaster, UK (org. Mary Hamilton, Julia Gillen).

3 -8/5/10          Invited talks Austrian Association of University Teachers of English (AAUTE, Salzburg, org. Hartmut Stoeckl and Wolfgang Goertschacher), English dept. of  University of Salzburg (org: Hartmut Stöckl), English dept. Karl Franzens University at Graz (org. Bernard Ketteman), and Wissenschafts Universität Wien (org. Martin Stegu).

19-23/4/10      Three invited talks at symposium with representatives from various partner universities, celebrating the merger of Växjö University and the University of Kalmar into Linnaeus University (LnU), Sweden (org. Charlotte Hommerberg). Unable to attend because of Icelandic vulcano eruption.

28-30/1/10        Plenary talk Polish Cognitive Linguistics Association (PTJK) , University of Lodz, Poland, 28-29 January 2009. (Org. Alina Kwiatkowska, Sylwia Dzeren-Glowacka et al.)

17-18/10/09    Invited participation Contextualization and Understanding conference, Institute for the Advanced Study in Humanities & Social Sciences, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan, and talks at the Academia Sinica & Chengchi University. (Org. I-wen Su; Norman Teng; Sewen Sun).

23-25/9/09        Keynote lecture conference Communication, Cognition and Media, Faculty of Philosophy of the Catholic University of Braga, Portugal. Org. Augusto Soares da Silva.


Keynote lecture "Stylistics in comics: Pictorial runes." Poetics and Linguistics Association (PALA), Roosevelt Academy/University College, Middelburg, The Netherlands. Org.Michael Burke.

7-9/5/09          Invited participation Roundtable Discourse and Creativity, Dept. of English, City University of Hong Kong (Org. Rodney Jones).

26-28/3/09       Keynote lecture AESLA (Asociación Española de Lingüística Aplicada) conference,University of Ciudad Real, Spain (Org. Rosario Caballero).

18-20/3/09       Invited lecture Image, Vision, Mind/Bilder, Sehen, Denken conference, at Chemnitz University of Technology (Org. Klaus Sachs-Hombach).

22-24/10/08     Plenary lecture at Spanish Cognitive Linguistics Association Conference (AELCO/SCOLA 6), Universitat Jaume I, Castellón, Valencia, Spain (Org. IgnasiNavarro, Jose Luis Otal et al.)

10-12/10/08      Plenary lecture Lived Experience, Metaphor and Multimodality: Implications in Communi-cation, Education, Learning and Knowledge . University of Rethymnon, Gallos Campus, Dept. of   Preschool Education, Crete, Greece (Org. Marios Pourkos, Eleni Katsoura, and Angeliki Polyzou).

11/9/08     "Norms and creative use in comics balloons . " The Agile Mind: Creativity in Discourse and Art . Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts (VLAC), Brussels, Belgium, 11-12 September 2008 (Org. Kurt Feyaerts, Charles Forceville, and Tony Veale).

7-9/6/07     Invited paper at Zeichen der Identitaet/ Signs of Identity - Exploring the Borders conference, Leibniz University Hanover (Org. Klaus Rehkaemper, Marijanna Kresis, Gabrielle Diewald et al.).

21-25/5/07     Invited workshop and masterclass at "Multimodal Metaphor" expert meeting, De Bergse Bossen, Driebergen-Zeist/Tilburg University (org. Fons Maes). Other master classed by Dedre Gentner, Barbara Tversky, Paul Hekkert, Rachel Giora, Dianne Pecher, Larry Zbikowski, Seanna Coulson.

23/2-3/3/07     Various invited lectures and workshops at Universidad di Aruba and Instituto Pedagogico Arubano in Animation Art Aruba programme (Org. Mirto Laclé).

5-7/7/06     Invited lectureand workshop in Summer course "Multimodal discourse(s): image and communication." Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha/ Cuenca, Facultad de Letras (Spain). Org.: Jesús Moya, Maria-Jésus Pinar, Rosario Caballero. Other participants: Gunther Kress, Eija Ventola, Lisa el Refaie, Crispin Thurlow, Rachel Segovia, Ernesto Suarez-Toste.

21-25/4/06      Two invited lectures on multimodal metaphor, PhD course on MultimodalDiscourse + one invited plenary lecture on Peter van Straaten, Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, Facultad de Letras/Ciudad Real (Spain.(Org. Rosario Caballero).

25-29/3/04           Invited talk "Cultural factors in the interpretation of multimedial metaphor." Semioticis and the Humanities (International Congress jointly organized by Chinese Association of Social Sciences (CASS) and the International Association of Semiotic Studies (IASS), Beijing, China.

24-28/9/03      Invited talk "Pictorial metaphor in images and film." Conference Bildwissenschaft zwischen Reflektion und Anwendung. Otto von Guericke Universität Magdeburg, Germany (Org. Klaus Sachs-Hombach).

22-2/02           "Visual representations of the Idealized Cognitive Modelof ANGER in comics." Conference Social Cognition and Verbal Communication: Cultural Narratives, Linguistic Identities and Applied Argumentation in a Period of Social Transition" (Dutch-Hungarian Conference on Crosscultural Linguistics and Intercultural Communication), University of Pécs (PTE), Hungary (invited paper).

April 94           Two post-graduate seminars (invited) on pictorial metaphor, Trinity College, Dublin.

15/10/87          Invited paper at conference "Metaphor," Aesthetics Society, Ljubljana, Yugo-slavia.

Albanian translation homepage ChF

An Albanian (sic) translation of this homepage by John Obri in April 2012, made at his own initiative, can be found at

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Member advisory boards

2011-       Member editorial advisor board Lodz Papers in Pragm atics (chief editors: Paul Chilton and Monika Kopytowska), Mouton de Gruyter ( ).

2010-     Member advisory board Review of Cognitive Linguistics . ISSN: 1877-9751  (chief editor: Francisco Ruiz de Mendoza, University of Rioja , Spain ).  

2010-       Member advisory board of Benjamin series Cognitive Linguistic Studies of Language and Cognition in Cultural Contexts . ISSN: 1879-8047 (chief editors: Ning Yu, University of Oklahoma , USA ; Farzad Sharifian, Monash University , Australia ).  2009-     Digital Studies/Le champ numérique

2007- Metaphor and Symbol    

2007 -       Atlantis : Revista de la Asociación Española de Estudios Anglo-Norteamericanos .   

2006 -     Journal of Pragmatics .   

1999 - 2007    Book review editor Metaphor and Symbol .

2006 - 

Public Journal of Semiotics


Various non-scholarly publications

Forceville, Charles(1987-2007). 200 book reviews of English-language fiction (originals and translations) in Trouw/Boeken (in Dutch).

--- (1999-2004). Various articles and book reviews in Skrien .

--- (1985-1995).Various translations of poems, essays, and short fiction in De Tweede Ronde and other publications.

--- (1987-2002). Various interviews in Nieuw Wereldtijdschrift , Bzzlletin , Trouw ,and Skrien .

(Co)organization scholarly events

16-12-'94 Organization annual seminar- Association of Canadian Studies in the Neth-erlands ("Euro-pean perspectives on English-Canadianlitera-ture"), VU Amsterdam.

24-2-'95     Member organizing commit-tee "Literature dayfor teach-ers," Eng-lish Dept. VU.

12-7-'05 Organization (with Eduardo Urios-Aparisi) of panel "The Pragmatics of Multimodal Representations." 9th International Pragmatics Association (IPrA), Riva del Garda, Italy, 10-15 July 2005 [+ paper on multimodal metaphor in this panel].

29 May '08 Organization of workshop "Multimodal Metaphor" at Researching and Applying Metaphor (RaAM 7), University of Cácares, Spain, 28-31/5/08). Participants: Elizabeth El Refaie, Ning Yu, Charles Forceville.

4-5June '08 Organization (with Alan Cienki, Irene Mittelberg, and Raul Nino Zambrano, of the RaAM workshop Metaphor, metonymy & multimodality . Dept. of MediaStudies, University of Amsterdam.

11-12/9/08 Organization, with Kurt Feyaerts & Tony Veale of "contactforum"/workshop The Agile Mind: Creativity in Models and Multimodal Discourse at VLAC(Vlaams Academisch Centrum), the Royal Flemish Academy Brussels, Belgium.

4-5/6/09 Organization (with Alan Cienki, Irene Mittelberg, and Raul Nino Zambrano, of the RaAM workshop Metaphor,metonymy & multimodality . Dept.of Media Studies, University of Amsterdam.

25/11/'09   Afternoon devoted to "animation" at KNAW (Royal Academy of Science), Amsterdam (participants: Paul Driessen, Valentijn Visch, Mette Peeters, ChF).Org: Charles Forceville (with KNAW and NIAF).


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