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dhr. prof. dr. J.A.G. (Jeroen) Groenendijk

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I work within the Department of Philosophy of the Faculty of Humanities. I teach within the School of Philosophy (Onderwijsinstituut Wijsbegeerte), and I do my Research within the Institute for Logic Language and Computation (ILLC).

Fields of interest

My major fields of interest are logic and philosophy of language, in particular formal semantics and pragmatics. My research topics are the semanticsand pragmatics of questions and answers, and dynamic semantics.

The Inquisitive Turn, A new perspective on Semantics, Logic and Pragmatics

The Inquisitive Turn is a research project funded by NWO (Free Competition Humanities). It will run from 2010-2013. Floris Roelofsen will work as a postdoc in the project, and we will attract two PhD students. Via the link below you can find more information on this project.

New but Old

Martin Stokhof and myself wrote our joined dissertation 'Studies on the Semantics of Questions and the Pragmatics of Answers' (1984) in the early eighties on an ordinary typewriter, which means that there was no electronic version available.But thanks to the University Library, since July 2006,a digital version has been realized, which unlike the paper version has search facilities. To facilitate downloading it is spread over two files:


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