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My Projects

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Wouter de Nooy (2013). Communication in Natural Resource Management: Agreement between and Disagreement within Stakeholder Groups. Ecology and Society, 18 [online].


Loet Leydesdorff, Daniele Rotolo & Wouter de Nooy (2013). Innovation as a Nonlinear Process, the Scientometric Perspective, and the Specification of an Innovation Opportunities Explorer. Technology Analysis & Strategic Management, 25(6), 641-653.


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Loet Leydesdorff, Filippo Radicchi, Lutz Bornmann, Claudio Castellano  & outer de Nooy (2013). Field-normalized Impact Factors: A Comparison of Rescaling versus Fractionally Counted IFs. Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, 64(11), 2299-2309.

Jan Kleinnijenhuis & Wouter de Nooy (2013). Adjustment of issue positions based on network strategies in an election campaign: A two-mode network autoregression model with cross-nested random effects. Social Networks, 35(2), 168-177. doi.org/10.1016/j.socnet.2011.03.002

Wouter de Nooy & Jan Kleinnijenhuis, 2013. Polarization in the Media During an Election Campaign: A Dynamic Network Model Predicting Support and Attack Among Political Actors. Political Communication 30(1), 117-138.

Wouter de Nooy (2011). Networks of action and events over time. A multilevel discrete-time event history model for longitudinal network data. Social Networks , 33(1), 31-40.

A Japanese translation of Exploratory Social Network Analysis with Pajek is published at Tokyo Denki University Press.

Wouter de Nooy (2009). Formalising Symbolic Interactionism. In Methodological Innovations Online, 4 (1), 39-52.

Wouter de Nooy (2009). Het gevoelsleven van de Concertgebouwbezoeker. Boekman , 21(79), 110-111.
Review of the book Van hoge naar nieuwe kunst by Hans Abbing. [Dutch]

- (2009). Social Network Analysis, Graph Theoretical Approaches to. In: R. A. Meyers(Ed.), Springer Encyclopedia of Complexity and System Science . Springer: New York, 8231-8245.
Draft of my contribution discussing graph-theoretical approaches to social network analysis.

Wouter de Nooy (2008), SOCIAL NETWORK ANALYSIS. In Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS) . Oxford: Eolss Publishers.

Leydesdorff, L., Schank, T., Scharnhorst, A., & Nooy, W. de (2008). Animating the development of Social Networks over time using a dynamic extension of multidimensional scaling. In:  El Profesional de la Información , (Vol. 17, Issue 6), 611-626.

- (2008). Signs Over Time: Statistical and Visual Analysis of a Longitudinal Signed Network. In:  Journal of Social Structure (Vol. 9, No. 1).
Application of network analysis, balance theoretic concepts in particular, to a dynamic network measured in continuous time: evaluations among a set of literary authors and critics, 1970-1980.

Joosten, J., & Nooy, W. de (2008). Ten geleide. In H. Verdaasdonk (Ed.), Snijvlakken van de literatuurwetenschap (pp. 7-19). Nijmegen: VanTilt.
Introduction to an edited book containing work by my late supervisor Hugo Verdaasdonk. [Dutch]

- (2008). Networks of action and events over time: Analytic designs for continuous-time longitudinal network data.
Paper presented at the Sunbelt XXVIII International Social Network Conference, January 22-27, 2008, St. Petersburg , Florida .

- (2007).Evaluation of policy schemes for Dutch visual artists 1984-2005 [Dutch].
Dutch report on the distribution of tax money among Dutch visual artists through a system of policy schemes and subsidies in the period 1984-2005. The report was commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. It is written in Dutch.

- (2007). Extra Appendix for Exploratory SocialNetwork Analysis with Pajek .
For a Japanese translation of our book on social network analysis, we prepared an extra Appendix describing some very importantextensions and changes in Pajek since thebook was published. The English version of this Appendix is available here.

- (2007). Sociale voorwaarden voor een cross-over, Neerlandistiek.nl (pp. 11) [Dutch].

- (2007). Matthew landscapes. Segmentation and concentration in reward systems visualized. Paper presented at the XXVII Sunbelt International Social Network Conference, Corfu (Greece), May 1-6, 2007.

 - (2007). Contribution to the Visualizing Network Dynamics Competition at NetSci07 , New York Hall of Science, Queens, NY, May 20th-25th, 2007.

- (2006, April - June; 2007, October - November; 2008, November- December), Macht en invloed in Nederland [Power and influence in The Netherlands]. A joint projectwith the Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant , investigating the composition and networks of the Dutch elite. Collection and analysis of memberships to important boards and committees in all social domains in The Netherlands.

- (2006). Interlock formation. An actor-oriented approach. Paper presented at the  Politics & Interlocking Directorates Conference . Barcelona (Spain), September 28-29.

 - Netherlands Elites, 2005. Presentation at the Reviving Elite Research workshop, Centre for Research on Socio-Cultural Change, University of Manchester, Wednesday March 8th, 2006.

- (2006). Stories, Scripts, Roles, and Networks. In: Structure and Dynamics: eJournal of Anthropological and Related Sciences , 1, 22.

- (2005). Stories, scripts, networks, SUNBELT XXV International Social Network Conference . Redondo Beach, USA.

 - (2006). Eenheid door polarisering. Het Nederlandse literaire veld tussen 1970 en 1980. In G. Dorleijn & C. J. v. Rees (Eds.), De productie van literatuur. Het Nederlandse literaire veld, 1800-2000. Nijmegen: VanTilt,185-197. [Dutch]

 - (2005). Culture in networks, The Collection and Analysis of Network Data. Summer School of the Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences Programme of the European Science Foundation . Ljubljana, Slovenia.

 - with A. Mrvar and V. Batagelj (2005). Exploratory Social Network Analysis with Pajek . Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

 - (2004). Who Shall Survive in the Literary Field?, Electronic Arts Festival: Symposium 'The Language of Networks' . Linz, Austria.

 - (2004). De productie van geloof. Roest , 25-27. [Dutch]

- (2004). Balance and Classification, SUNBELT XXIV International Social Network Conference . Portorož, Slovenia.

- (2003). Waarom is beeldende kunst bijzonder? In R. Wolfson (Ed.), Kunst in crisis (pp. 137-150). Amsterdam: Prometheus.
This is a project of De Vleeshal , a centre for modern art in Middelburg, The Netherlands.

- (2003). Fields and networks: correspondence analysis and social network analysis in the framework of field theory. Poetics , 31, 305-327.

- (2003). Artistic classifications as collective representations, 6th conference of the European Sociological Association . Murcia, Spain.

- (2002). Una perspectiva institucional sobre la relación micro-macro. Revista Redes , 3, 29. [Spanish]
- (2002). An institutional perspective on the micro-macro link, LilNet Conference on the Micro-Macro link . University of Lille, France. [English]

 - (2002). Reward systems in art, XXII Sunbelt International Social Network Analysis Conference . New Orleans, USA.

- (2002). The dynamics of artistic prestige. Poetics , 30, 147-167.
- (2001). Prestige in longitudinal networks, SUNBELT XXI International Social Network Conference . Budapest, Hungary.

  - (2001). Stories and social structure. A structural perspective on literature in society. In D. Schram & G. Steen (Eds.), Psychology and Sociology of Literature (pp. 359-377). Amsterdam: Benjamins.

 - (2001). Een overvloedige maaltijd [boekbespreking van Het prentenboek als springplank]. Leesgoed , 28, 37-39. [Dutch]

 - (2000). Visual analysis and pre-specified blockmodels, Sunbelt XX International Social Network Conference . Vancouver B.C., Canada.

 - (2000). In the Circle. From #2, 30-43.

 - with M. Toussaint (1999). Spelers of pionnen? Het netwerk van adviescommissies in de beeldende kunstwereld. Roest , 1, 22-28. [Dutch]
- with M. Toussaint (1999). Circuits van deskundigen. Het netwerk van de adviescommissies in de Nederlandse beeldende kunstwereld . Rotterdam: Erasmus Centrum voor Kunst- en Cultuurwetenschappen. [Dutch] Send an e-mail to me if youwant to receive a hardcopy of this report.

 - (1999). The sign of affection: Balance-theoretic models and incomplete signed digraphs. Social Networks , 21, 269-286.

- (1998). The sign of affection, Sunbelt XVIII International Social Network Analysis Conference . Sitges, Spain. 

- (1999). A literary playground. Literary criticism and balance theory. Poetics , 26, 385-404.
- (1998). Literary criticism as a virtual classroom, VIth Biennial IGEL Conference . Utrecht, The Netherlands.

- (1997). Het slotakkoord. Boekmancahier , 463-467. [Dutch]
- (1997). Deze muze heeft geen professionals nodig. Theater en Educatie , 4, 59-61. [Dutch]

- (1997). Cycles and paths, not triads, Sunbelt XVII International Social Network Conference . San Diego, USA.

- (1996). Onvoorzien of ongewenst? Antwoord aan Geert Dales. Boekmancahier , 8, 473-475. [Dutch]

- (1996). The literary author, the critic, and their friends' friends, Sunbelt XVI Conference on Social Network Analysis . Charleston, USA.

- (1996). Een bijdrage aan het collectieve geheugen. Boekmancahier , 94-97. [Dutch]

- (1996). De kracht van verandering. Boekmancahier , 8, 321-328. [Dutch]

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- (1995). Geloof! Boekmancahier , 25, 288-289. [Dutch]

- with T. IJdens (1994). Evaluatie-onderzoek Fonds voor Beeldende Kunsten, Vormgeving en Bouwkunst. Wetenschappelijk rapport . Rotterdam: Erasmus Centrum voor Kunst- en Cultuurwetenschappen. [Dutch]

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-(1991). The uses of literary classifications. In E. Ibsch, D. Schram & G. Steen (Eds.), Empirical studies of literature (pp. 213-221): Amsterdam / Atlanta ; Rodopi.

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- (1989). Literary prizes : Their role in the making of children's literature. Poetics , 18, 199-213.

- with T.IJdens (1988). Schrijvers en fonds : Tweede deel van het verslag een onderzoek naar de betekenis van het Fonds voor de Letteren in het algemeen en voor schrijvers en vertalers in het bijzonder . Tilburg: IVA Instituut voor Sociaal-wetenschappelijk Onderzoek. [Dutch]
- with T. IJdens (1988). Schrijvers en fonds : Eindrapport van een onderzoek naar de betekenis van het Fonds voor deLetteren in het algemeen en voor schrijvers en vertalers in het bijzonder . Tilburg: IVA Instituut voor Sociaal-wetenschappelijk Onderzoek. [Dutch]

- (1988). Gentlemen of the jury ... : The features of experts awarding literary prizes . Poetics , 17, 531-545.

- with S. Janssen and G. Seegers (1986). Titelproduktie en werkbeurs : Een vergelijkende analyse van de titelproduktie van door het Fonds voor de Letteren gesubsidieerde auteurs. TTT , 6, 285-296. [Dutch]


  • name: Wouter de Nooy
  • place and date of birth: Ede, TheNetherlands,May 4, 1962,
  • doctoral exam Language & Literature, specialisation Sociology of Literature in 1985, Tilburg University, The Netherlands (cum laude),
  • research assistant at IVA, Institute for social scientific research in Tilburg, 1985-1987,
  • researcher at the section Sociology of Literature, Department of Arts and Literature, Tilburg University, 1988-1991 on a grant from The Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO),
  • lecturer Methodology and Statistics at the Department of Historyand Art Studies, Erasmus University Rotterdam , since 1991,
  • PhD Tilburg University, 1993 (cum laude),
  • member of the Dutch Research Institute and Graduate School of Cultural History,since 1995,
  • associated member of The Netherlands Graduate School For Literary Studies, since 1997.
  • Teaching Award of the Erasmus University, 2005,
  • associate professor Social Science Methodology, Department of Communication Science, Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, University of Amsterdam.
  • Member of the Advisory Board of the journal Poetics. Journal of Empirical Research on Culture, the Media and the Arts , since 2007.


Windows software for preparing a pair-period data set from a longitudinal network (Pajek PAJ format). The pair-period data set can be analyzed with a multilevel logistic regression model to estimate a discrete-time event history model of network dynamics.


Windows software and manual for calculating dynamic prestige from longitudinal network data.
See: Wouter de Nooy (2002). The dynamics of artistic prestige. Poetics , 30, 147-167.





  • W. de Nooy, A. Mrvar & V. Batagelj (2009). Furoku 4: Pajek 1.21 eno appu de-to. In W. de Nooy, A. Mrvar, V. Batagelj & Y. Yasuda (Eds.), Paiekku o katsuyō shita shakai nettowāku bunseki = Exploratory social network analysis with Pajek (pp. 457-470). Tōkyō: Tōkyō Denki Daigaku Shuppankyoku.
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  • W. de Nooy (2009). Social network analysis. In C. Crothers (Ed.), Historical developments and theoretical approaches in sociology/social theory (Encyclopedia of life support systems). Oxford: Eolss Publishers.


  • W. de Nooy & J. Maier (2014). When do attacks work? Moderated effects on voters' candidate evaluation in a televised debate. In Paper presented at the annual conference of the International Communication Association (ICA), Seattle, USA.
  • W. de Nooy & J. Maier (2014). Does the message matter? The impact of negative televised debate strategies on candidate evaluation by voters. In Paper presented at the annual meeting of the International Society of Political Psychology, ISPP, Rome, Italy.
  • W. de Nooy & J. Maier (2014). Does the message matter? The impact of televised debate strategies on candidate evaluation by voters. In Paper presented at the Etmaal van de Communicatiewetenschap, Wageningen.
  • L. Leydesdorff, F. de Moya-Anegón & W. de Nooy (2014). Scopus and Web-of-Science 2012 compared in terms of aggregated journal-journal citation relations: Global maps and interactive overlays. In E. Noyons (Ed.), "Context Counts: Pathways to Master Big and Little Data": proceedings of the science and technology indicators conference 2014 Leiden: 3-5 September 2014 in Leiden, the Netherlands (pp. 374-379). Leiden: Universiteit Leiden - CWTS 2014.[go to publisher's site]


  • W. de Nooy (2013). Communication and culture as network process. In Paper presented at the Interdisciplinary Research Seminar Network Perspectives on Communication, Knowledge & Culture: From Theory to Empirical Applications. St. Petersburg.
  • W. de Nooy (2013). Network analysis of election campaign coverage. In Paper presented at the Workshop Media Logic and Electoral Democracy, Amsterdam, VU University.
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  • L. Leydesdorff, F. Radicchi, L. Bornmann, C. Castellano & W. de Nooy (2013). Field-normalization of impact factors: rescaling versus fractionally counted. In J. Gorraiz, E. Schiebel, C. Gumpenberger, M. Hörlesberger & H. Moed (Eds.), Proceedings of ISSI 2013 Vienna: 14th International Society of Scientometrics and Informetrics Conference: Vienna, Austria, 15th to 20th July 2013. - Vol. 1 (pp. 769-783). Vienna: Austrian Institute of Technology.
  • W. de Nooy & J. Kleinnijenhuis (2013). Balance in election campaigns. what does it represent? In Paper presented at the Sunbelt XXXIII International Network for Social Network Analysis Annual Conference, Hamburg, Universität Hamburg.


  • L. Leydesdorff, D. Rotolo & W. de Nooy (2012). Innovation as a Nonlinear Process and the Scientometric Perspective. In E. Archambault, Y. Gingras & V. Larivière (Eds.), Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Science and Technology Indicators (pp. 530-540). Montréal: Science-Metrix and Ost.
  • W. de Nooy (2012). Communication networks within management systems. In Paper presented at the Etmaal van de Communicatiewetenschap, Leuven, Belgium.


  • W. de Nooy (2011). Complex dynamics of election campaigns: Interactions among politicians in the media. In Paper presented at ECCS 11 Complex Dynamics of Human Interactions Satellite Meeting, Vienna, Austria.
  • W. de Nooy (2011). Corporate interlock formation as network process. A multilevel analysis of directors’ changeovers in industry, finance, and cultural institutions. In Paper presented at Applications of Social Network Analysis 2011, Zürich, Switzerland.


  • W. de Nooy (2010). (2010, June/July). Corporate interlock formation as network process. A multilevel analysis of directors’ changeovers in industry, finance, and cultural institutions. In Annual Meeting of the International Networks for Social Network Analysis, Sunbelt XXX, Riva di Garda. Riva del Garda.
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  • W. de Nooy & M. Tranmer (2009). A multilevel model for networks of action and events over time. In Paper presented at the 7th International Amsterdam Multilevel Conference, Amsterdam..
  • W. de Nooy (Ed.). (2009) American Behavioral Scientist.
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  • W. de Nooy (2014, June 28). Actor-oriented network models and socio-semantic network data. St. Petersburg, Russia, Keynote lecture at the NetGlow '14 Conference.
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