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Ingo Venzke is Associate Professor at the Department of International and European Law and at the Amsterdam Center for International Law. His research forms part of the project on ' the architecture of postnational rulemaking' and his teaching includes LL.M. courses on International Trade Law and International Dispute Settlement.

Ingo has been a Visiting Professor at Jindal Global Law School (JGLS), Visiting Senior Fellow at the National University of Singapore (NUS), a Hauser Research Scholar at New York University (NYU) and a Visiting Scholar at the Cegla Center for the Interdisciplinary Research of the Law, Tel Aviv University. He wrote his PhD at the University of Frankfurt while working as a Research Fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law in Heidelberg (MPIL).

He is an Editor-in-Chief of the Leiden Journal of International Law.


Ingo's work at the moment focuses on the many roles that international courts play in global governance. More specifically, he examines how they contest and accommodate authority in a normative pluriverse.

Ingo also contributes to the research cluster on International Public Authority (anchored at the MPIL) and to the research project on ASEAN Integration Trough Law (based at NUS).


Some representative publications


  • In Whose Name? A Public Law Theory of International Adjudication (together with Armin von Bogdandy, translated by Thomas Dunlap and revised by the authors, OUP 2014). See sample Chapter 1: 'Agenda and Objectives'.
  • In wessen Namen? Internationale Gerichte in Zeiten globalen Regierens (together with Armin von Bogdandy, Suhrkamp 2014).





  • How Interpretation Makes International Law: On Semantic Change and Normative Twists (OUP 2012) (In Paperback with a new Preface 2014). Winner of the 2014 Book Prize of the European Society of International Law.

  • Reviewed by Jan Klabbers in 24 European Journal of International Law 718-722 (2013); Ralph Christensen in 68 JuristenZeitung 994-995 (2013); Irina Buga in British Yearbook of International Law 190-192 (2013); Gelijn Molier in 60 Netherlands International Law Review 503-507 (2013); Cristina Hoss in 74 Heidelberg Journal of International Law 402-408 (2014); Joshua Paine in 31 Australian Yearbook of International Law (2014). Review essays by Maria Panezi 'Of Tortoises and Hares: Exploring the Roles of International Administrations and Tribunals in the Development of International Law', 4 Transnational Legal Theory 283-300 (2013); Chris Thomale, Sprache und Recht [Language and Law], 99 Archives for Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy 420-432 (2013).


  • In wessen Namen? Internationale Gerichte in Zeiten globalen Regierens (together with Armin von Bogdandy, Suhrkamp 2014).


  • In nome di chi? Giurisdizione internazionale e teoria del discorso (Collana 'Habermasiana', Trauben, Turin 2010), (together with Armin von Bogdandy, translation by Enrico Daly).  [Trauben]


  • A. von Bogdandy & I. Venzke (2014). In wessen Namen? Internationale Gerichte in Zeiten globalen Regierens (suhrkamp taschenbuch wissenschaft, 2088). Berlin: Suhrkamp.





  • I. Venzke (2015). Is Interpretation in International Law a Game? In A. Bianchi, D. Peat & M. Windsor (Eds.), Interpretation in international law (pp. 352-370). Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • I. Venzke (2015). Editorial: International Law and Its Methodology—Introducing a New LJIL Series. Leiden Journal of International Law, 28 (2), 1-3. doi: 10.1017/S0922156514000508
  • I. Venzke (2015). Semantic Authority, Legal Change and the Dynamics of International Law. No Foundations, 12, 1-21.[go to publisher's site]





  • I. Venzke & A. von Bogdandy (2010). In nome di chi? Giurisdizione internazionale e teoria del discorso. Turin: Trauben.
  • I. Venzke & A. von Bogdandy (2010). Zur Herrschaft internationaler Gerichte: Eine Untersuchung internationaler öffentlicher Gewalt und ihrer demokratischen Rechtfertigung. Zeitschrift für Ausländisches Öffentliches Recht und Völkerrecht, 70 (1), 1-54.


  • I. Venzke (2009). Legal Contestation about 'Enemy Combatants': On the Exercise of Power in Legal Interpretation. Journal of International Law & International Relations, 5 (1), 155-184.
  • I. Venzke (2009). International Bureaucracies in a Political Science Perspective—Agency, Authority and International Institutional Law,. In Armin von Bogdandy, Rüdiger Wolfrum, Jochen von Bernstorff, Philipp Dann & Matthias Goldmann (Eds.), The Exercise of Public Authority by International Institutions: Advancing International Institutional Law (pp. 67-98). Springer.


  • I. Venzke & A. Walen (2007). Unconstitutional Detention of Nonresident Aliens: Revisiting the Supreme Court’s Treatment of the Law of War in Hamdi v. Rumsfeld. Zeitschrift für Ausländisches Öffentliches Recht und Völkerrecht, 67 (3), 843-885.


  • A. von Bogdandy & I. Venzke (2014). „Internationale Streitbeilegung" oder „Internationale Gerichtsbarkeit"? In Fachbereich Rechtswissenschaften der Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main (Ed.), 100 Jahre Rechtswissenschaft in Frankfurt: Erfahrungen, Herausforderungen, Erwartungen (pp. 105-118). Frankfurt am Main: Vittorio Klostermann.




  • I. Venzke & A. Walen (2007). Detention in the "War on Terror": Constitutional Interpretation Informed by the Law of War. ILSA Journal of International & Comparative Law, 14 (1), 45-97.


  • I. Venzke (2011). [Review of the book Beyond constitutionalism: the pluralist structure of postnational law]. New York University Journal of International Law and Politics, 43(4), 1105-1111.
  • I. Venzke (2011). [Review of the book The Democratic Legitimacy of International Law]. European Journal of International Law, 22(1), 277-279.
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