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ON SABBATICAL LEAVE 2012-2013 at the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Studies, Wassenaar. www.nias.nl.

Herman van de Werfhorst is Professor of Sociology at the University of Amsterdam, and director of the Amsterdam Centre for Inequality Studies (AMCIS, www.amcis.eu) which is a collaborative research centre of the University of Amsterdam and FreeUniversity Amsterdam, and is sponsored by a Research Focal Point of the Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences of UvA.

He obtained his PhD at the University of Nijmegen in 2001. From 2000-2002 he was a Prize Research Fellow at Nuffield College, University of Oxford. Since 2002 he has been teaching Sociology at the department of Sociology and Anthropology of the University of Amsterdam.

Herman is actively involved in several research projects. The three largest projects are the following.

- He coordinates a research team that studies the influence of institutions on the way education is used for selection and allocation processes in labour markets, partly subsidized by a personal VIDI grant from the Netherlands' Organization for Scientific Research (NWO). This involves PhD students Thijs Bol, Valentina DiStasio, Sander Steijn and Hafid Ballafkih, and postdoctoral researcher Ruya Ko çer.  (€ 600.000)

- Herman is the Principal Investigator of a Research Programme Grant by the Netherlands' Organisation for Scientific Research, Programme Council for Education Research (NWO-PROO), entitled ' Educational systems and four central functions of education'. Co-investigators are Jaap Dronkers, Sjoerd Karsten, and Rolf van der Velden.  (€ 921.000). 

- EU FP7 project GINI (Growing Inequalities' Impacts), on the social, cultural and political impacts of (changing) inequalities in Europe. (€ 2.7 mio)

Herman's research interests include the sociology of education, social stratification and mobility, labour market sociology, and quantitiative methodology &statistics. 



In March 2011 I carried out a research project to assess the output of the Social Sciences at the University of Amsterdam, in comparison to other UvA faculties, and to other Sectors within the Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences. I used data of 2009 for this.
- FMG scores higher than most other faculties on indicators such as number of publications per fte and external funding per fte.
- Social Sciences does at least as good as other sectors (if not better) with regard to publications and funding.


Click on the link below to find an updated list of publications with access to full-text pdfs.


  • T. Bol, J.H.M. Witschge, H.G. van de Werfhorst & J. Dronkers (in press). Curricular Tracking and Central Examinations: Counterbalancing the Impact of Social Background on Student Achievement in 36 Countries. Social Forces.


  • L. Elffers & H.G. van de Werfhorst (2013). Onderwijsinstituties in Nederland en centrale functies van onderwijs. In J.W. Duyvendak, K. Gerxhani, O. Velthuis & C. Bouw (Eds.), Sociale kaart van Nederland (2e editie). Amsterdam: Boom Uitgevers.
  • K. Gërxhani & H.G. van de Werfhorst (2013). The effect of education on informal sector participation in a post-communist country. European Sociological Review, 29(3), 464-476.
  • G. Veeman, H.G. van de Werfhorst & J. Dronkers (in press). Ethnic composition of the class and educational performance in primary education in the Netherlands. Educational Research and Evaluation.
  • T. Bol & H.G. van de Werfhorst (in press). Educational Systems and the Trade-off Between Labor Market Allocation and Equality of Educational Opportunity. Comparative Education Review.
  • R. Andersen, B.M. Burgoon & H.G. van de Werfhorst (2013). Inequality, Legitimacy and the Political System. In Salverda, Wiemer, Nolan, Brian, Checchi, Daniele, Marx, Ive, (Ed.), Changing Inequalities and Societal Impacts in Rich Countries: Analytical and Comparative Perspectives. Oxford University Press.







  • H.G. van de Werfhorst, I.G. Toth, D. Horn, M. Medgyesi, N.J.W.R. Notten, C. Haas & B.M. Burgoon (2012). Political and Cultural Impacts of Growing Inequalities. Report of Work Package 5 of the EU FP7 project Growing Inequalities’ Impacts (GINI). Amsterdam: Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Labour Studies (AIAS).


  • V. Di Stasio & H. van de Werfhorst (2011). Educational credentials as hiring screens: results from a vignette study in the Italian IT sector. In Summer meeting of the ISA RC28, Iowa City - August 2011.
  • V. Di Stasio & H. van de Werfhorst (2011). The role of educational credentials when hiring in different institutional contexts: a vignette study in Italy and the Netherlands. In ECSR 20th Anniversary Conference:European Society or Societies? A 20-Year Perspective.
  • J. Netjes, H. van de Werfhorst, S. Karsten & T. Bol (2011). Onderwijsstelsels en non-cognitieve uitkomsten van het onderwijs: burgerschap, deviant gedrag en welzijn in landenvergelijkend perspectief. Amsterdam: AMCIS Amsterdam Centre for Inequality Studies, Universiteit van Amsterdam.


  • H.G. van de Werfhorst (Ed.). (2008). International Journal of Comparative Sociology, 49(4-5).
  • H.G. van de Werfhorst (2008). Leren of ontberen? Over onderwijsinstituties en ongelijkheid (Oratiereeks). Amsterdam: Vossiuspers UvA.


  • H.G. van de Werfhorst & I.G. Tóth (2012). Political and cultural impacts of economic inequalities. Kukche Nodong Pŭripʻŭ, 10(5), 24-39.
  • H.G. van de Werfhorst (2012). Breng leerlingen bij elkaar. Bij de Les, 8(mei 2012), 28-29.
  • H.G. van de Werfhorst (2012). De spagaat tussen beleidsmakers en wetenschapsfilosofie: een nadere discussie van evidence-based methoden. Sociologie Magazine, 20.



Wetenschappelijke positie

  • H.G. van de Werfhorst (period: 2012 till ). Member of the editorial board Position at : Research in Social Stratification and Mobility.
  • H.G. van de Werfhorst (period: 2012 till ). Member of the editorial board Position at : Acta Sociologica.
  • H.G. van de Werfhorst (period: 2012 till ). Member of editorial board Position at : Sociology of Education.
  • H.G. van de Werfhorst (period: 2012 till 2012). NWO-commissies: MagW PROO Excellence Position at : NWO MagW.
  • H.G. van de Werfhorst (period: 2012 till ). Work-package coordinator GINI project (EU FP7) Position at : GINI project (EU FP7).
  • H.G. van de Werfhorst (period: 2012 till ). Member, Content Coordination Committee GINI Project (EU FP7). Position at : GINI Project.
  • H.G. van de Werfhorst (period: 2010 till 2012). Projectleider Position at : Longitudinaal onderzoek Weekendschool.
  • H.G. van de Werfhorst (period: 2011 till ). Member Rapid Reaction Team for Ministry of Education, Culture and Sciences Position at : Ministry of Education, Culture and Sciences.
  • H.G. van de Werfhorst (period: 2009 till 2010). Lidmaatschap Position at : twee (voor-) selectiecommissies van NWO Deputy coordinator EQUALSOC (Economic Change, Quality of Life and Social Cohesion), EU FP6 Network of Excellence.
  • H.G. van de Werfhorst (period: 2009 till 2009). Chair Position at : the Dissemination Committee of EQUALSOC.
  • H.G. van de Werfhorst (period: 2009 till 2009). Lid Position at : Interuniversitaire werkgroep Sociale Ongelijkheid en Levensloop (ISOL).
  • H.G. van de Werfhorst (period: 2009 till 2009). Lid Position at : American Sociological Association.
  • H.G. van de Werfhorst (period: 2009 till 2009). Lid Research Committee 28 Position at : International Sociological Association (on Social Stratification and Mobility).


  • H.G. van de Werfhorst & W. Salverda (Eds.). (2012). Research in Social Stratification and Mobility, 30.
  • H.G. van de Werfhorst (Ed.). (2008). International Journal of Comparative Sociology, 49(4-5).
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