dhr. ir. D. (Dusan) Barok MDes

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    Capaciteitsgroep Media & Cultuur
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    Turfdraagsterpad 15  
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    Turfdraagsterpad  15
    1012 XT  Amsterdam
  • D.Barok@uva.nl

Dušan Barok is Marie Skłodowska-Curie ITN Research Fellow and PhD candidate at the Department of Media Studies. His project titled Database for Documentation of Contemporary Art investigates art databases as discursive platforms that provide context for artworks, entangle them in historical frameworks and negotiate language in which they are explained, challenging our understanding of art historical scholarship. His work is supervised by Prof. dr. Julia Noordegraaf and Prof.dr.ir. Arjen P. de Vries, and is part of the research programme New Approaches in the Conservation of Contemporary Art (NACCA).

Dušan holds master degrees in information technologies from the University of Economics in Bratislava and in media design and communication from the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam. He was awarded the Huygens Scholarship from Nuffic in 2011. In 2015, he organised the series The Extensions of Many: Seminars on Media Aesthetics in Bergen, Norway, and the symposium Ideographies of Knowledge in Mons, Belgium. He is founding editor of the online platform Monoskop, co-developer of the artist-run platform for contemporary art history ArtWiki and member of the artist collective La Société Anonyme.

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