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mw. I.R.L. (Iris) Broedelet MA

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Current research project: The contribution of statistical learning on the lexical development of children with and without developmental language disorders

In recent research, statistical learning has come forward as a learning mechanism that is important for language acquisition. Statistical learning entails the implicit learning of regularities from various types of input. Children with developmental language disorder (DLD) experience serious difficulties in acquiring their native language. Recent research indicates that an impairment in statistical learning may underlie the language problems in this group. While morphosyntactic difficulties are a hallmark of SLI, lexical-semantic difficulties occur very frequently as well. However, the nature of these lexical-semantic difficulties is relatively understudied. My experimental research aims to investigate whether statistical learning contributes to lexical-semantic knowledge, and whether lexical-semantic problems in DLD could be related to a statistical learning deficit. For this end I will develop several experimental studies to investigate the role of statistical learning in different phases in word learning: segmenting words from a stream of speach sounds, mapping new words to new objects and learning semantic features.

I started my PhD in October 2017 at the ACLC. My project is supervised by prof. dr. Paul Boersma and prof. dr. Judith Rispens.

Research interests

Language acquisition, language disorders, the mental lexicon, statistical learning, language cognition



Research MA Linguistics, University of Amsterdam, September 2016. GPA: 8.4.
Thesis: Procedural learning in adults with dyslexia (grade 8.5). 

I tested adults with and without dyslexia on two tasks measuring procedural memory and on reading and spelling tasks, to investigate if a procedural memory deficit could be the underlying problem of the reading and spelling problems that people with dyslexia experience. Part of the NWO ViDi research project Progracy,


BA Linguistics (cum laude), University of Amsterdam, July 2013.
Thesis: Implicit learning in a morphological masked priming-paradigm (grade: 8).
Minor: Language Psychology.

Academic experience

Lab manager / Research assistant at the University of Amsterdam.
I assisted several researchers from the ACLC in designing linguistic experiments, conducting stimuli, testing participants, data analysis, etc.
I have experience with behavioural, EEG and eye-tracking methodology.

Research assistant at Radboud University for dr. Sharon Unsworth.
Responsible for: testing children (4-5 years old) at schools on executive functioning and language, general data support.

Research internship at Koninklijke Kentalis with dr. Annette Scheper and dr. Judith Rispens.
The relation between EF and narrative ability in children with SLI.

Research tutorial with dr. Silke Hamann.
Accounting for voicing alternations in Dutch in a neural network learning model.

Clinical internship at Koninklijke Kentalis: dr. Annette Scheper.
Observing and assisting in testing the language skills of children with SLI, providing language therapy, processing and analysing linguistic data,
diagnosing language disorders in children, attending meetings where diagnoses and progress of clients were discussed.

Research project with dr. Jan de Jong.
Narrative development in children with and without SLI: a cross-sectional study.

Research project with prof. dr. Fred Weerman
Verb clusters in NGT (Dutch sign language).

Research project with dr. Vadim Kimmelman
Influence of Dutch argument structure on the processing of Spanish sentences by Dutch L2 learners of Spanish and Dutch/Spanish bilinguals.

Student assistant: dr. Disa Sauter, dr. Marit van de Guchte
Editing sound files and measuring pitch with Praat.

Broedelet, I., Boelhouwer, W., Scheper, A., Rispens, J. & ter Wal, A. (in progress).
“The relation between executive functions and narrative ability in children with SLI.”
Intended journal: International Journal of Language and Communication Disorders. 

Poster presentation: The relation between executive functions and narrative ability in children with SLI.
WAP Symposium Vertel Vaardig!, and Anéla Juniorendag, Amsterdam.

Poster presentation: Narrative development in children with and without SLI: a cross-sectional study.
Linguistics Poster festival University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam.

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