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In collaboration with Siebren de Haan I produce films, writing, sculpture and collages, that explore cultural and geopolitical landscapes such as Europe’s borders (Grossraum, 2005), sites of resource production and global trade (Monument of Sugar – how to use artistic means to elude trade barriers, 2007; Episode of the Sea, 2014), and the (non) sites of cultural heritage (Monument to Another Man's Fatherland, 2008/2012 and subi dura a rudibus, 2010). Most of our projects involve extensive research and long term collaborations. As part of our artistic practice, we express formal and informal research trajectories and the contingency of fieldwork in textual supplements. We do our own camera work, sound recording, production, montage, sculpting, and graphical design.




In the concluding chapter of the film essay Monument of Sugar (2007) we speculate on a drifting studio practice: installing a studio on a ship transporting sugar to follow the material on board as it moves across the worlds oceans. Over the years we abandoned the sugar ship as concrete setting for a drifting studio, but adopted 'drifting studio practice' as an artistic ethos: to move along with things to attend to them as the revolting beings that they are. The PhD research ‘Drifting Studio Practice – return of the making in the thinking’ (facilitated by ASCA (Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis) at the University of Amsterdam, and MaHKU) has this ethos as its point of departure.  

As first part of the research we collaborated for two-years with the fishing community of Urk, resulting in the 35mm film Episode of the Sea (2014). Fragments of the film are included on the web platform World of Matter and the film itself has been presented in Kunsthaus Zürich, HartWare Dortmund, and is selected for CPX:DOX Kopenhagen and TIFF Wavelenths. We are currently preparing a project with the forest peoples of Surinam.

The PhD research is subsidised by NWO and Mondriaanfund. 


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