dhr. J.P. (Jelle) Bruineberg MA

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    Logic and Language
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  • J.P.Bruineberg@uva.nl

I am a Ph.D. candidate  at the Institute for Language, Logic and Computation (ILLC) and the department of Philosophy of the Faculty of Humanities, at the University of Amsterdam. My supervisors are Martin Stokhof and Erik Rietveld and I am part of the VIDI-project ‘Landscape of Affordances: Situating the Embodied Mind’.

My current research interests lie on the intersection between theoretical neuroscience, embodied cognitive science and phenomenology. I am interested in how brain, body and world contribute jointly to everyday skillful behavior. I think ecological psychology and phenomenology provide the right context in which to understand new developments in theoretical neuroscience and neurodynamics (such as the Free Energy Principle).



  • MSc. Brain and Cognitive Sciences, specialization Cognitive Science, Cum Laude, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. (2011-2014)

Thesis title: “A Bayesian attractor model for repeated perceptual decision making”

Thesis advisors: dr. Sebastian Bitzer and Prof. dr. Stefan Kiebel


  • M.A. Philosophy, specialization Phenomenology and Philosophy of Mind, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands (2011-2014)


Thesis title: “Radical Embodiment and the Free Energy Principle”

Thesis advisor: dr. Julian Kiverstein


  • B.A. Philosophy, Cum Laude, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands (2009-2011)



  • BSc. Physics and Astronomy, Cum Honore, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands (2007-2010)



  • VWO Nature and Technology, Gymnasium Felisenum, the Netherlands (2000-2006)


Published papers


  • “Action Readiness in a Landscape of July 8th, 2014 Affordances” (with Erik Rietveld), International Summer School in Affective Sciences, Swiss Center for Affective Sciences, Chateau de Bossey, Switzerland
  • “Self-organization, free energy minimization, and optimal grip on a field of affordances”, Computational Cognitive Science group, Donders Center for Cognition, Nijmegen, Netherlands
  • “A Bayesian attractor model for flexible perceptual decisions within single trials” NeuroTK meeting at the Neurology Department, MPI for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences. Leipzig, Germany


  • “Bayesian brain hypothesis: perceptual decision- making in a changing environment” IMPRS NeuroCom Summerschool, hosted at MPI for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig, Germany



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