mw. H. (Hongmei) Fang

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Linguistics is a very interesting world to me. I am highly motivated to explore something new in this world. After working at a Chinese university for more than two decades, I decided to do another PhD project. This project is about sentence-final particles in Mandarin Chinese. My supervisors are Prof. Kees Hengeveld and Dr. Hella Olbertz.

  • Fang, Hongmei. (2018). Mirativity in Mandarin: The sentence-final particle le. IN Kees Hengeveld & Hella Olbertz (eds), Systems of tense, aspect, modality, evidentiality and polarity in Functional Discourse Grammar. Special issue of Open Linguistics (4): 589-607.
  • Fang, Hongmei & Hengeveld, Kees. (subm.) The sentence-final particle ba in Mandarin: A Functional Discourse Grammar perspective.  

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  • Fang, H. & Ma, Y. L. (2008). Yanjuxing Zhuguanxing Zhuguanhua (Evidentiality, subjectivity and subjectification). Foreign Language Research (4): 96-99.
  • Fang, H. (2006). Yanjuxing Yanjiu Shuping(A review of studies on evidentiality). Modern Foreign Languages (2): 191-196.
  • Fang, H. (2006). Yanjuxing de Xitong Gongneng Yanjiu (A systemic approach to evidentiality).  Suzhou: Soochow University Press.
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  • Fang, H. (2001). Renji Yinyu Yu Yanyu Xingwei Lilun de Hubuxing (The complementarity between Halliday’s interpersonal metaphor theory and speech act theory). Foreign Languages Research (4): 34-37.

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