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  • Gauthier, D. (2017). Loading... 800% Slower. In H. Pritchard, E. Snodgrass, & M. Tyźlik-Carver (Eds.), Executing Practices. (pp. 115-123). (DATA browser; No. 06). Brooklyn: Autonomedia. [details]
  • Gauthier, D. (2017). On Commands and Executions: Tyrants, Spectres and Vagabonds. In H. Pritchard, E. Snodgrass, & M. Tyźlik-Carver (Eds.), Executing Practices. (pp. 63-76). (DATA browser; No. 06). Brooklyn: Autonomedia. [details]


  • Gauthier, D., & la Cour, E. (2014). Coding/Decoding the Archive. In I. Chambers, A. De Angelis, C. Ianniciello, M. Orabona, & M. Quadraro (Eds.), The Postcolonial Museum: The Arts of Memory and the Pressures of History (pp. 229-239). Farnham, Surrey: Ashgate. [details]


  • Gauthier, D. (2017). Hardware Porn or Itinerancy? continent., (6.1). [details]


  • Gauthier, D., & Allan, J. (2016). Critical Infrastructure. In R. Bishop, K. Gansing, J. Parikka, & E. Wilk (Eds.), across & beyond: A transmediale Reader on Post­-digital Practices, Concepts and Institutions. (pp. 262-269). Sternberg Press. [details]


  • Gauthier, D. (2016). Loading... 800% Slower. Abstract from *.exe(ver0.2), Malmö, Sweden. [details]
  • Gauthier, D. (2016). Machine-Readable: On Execution and Obscurantism. Paper presented at European Summer School for Cultural Studies, Netherlands. [details]
  • Gauthier, D. (2016). On Execution or Control in the Zwischen State. Abstract from 10th European Conference of the Society for Science, Literature, and the Arts, Stockholm, Sweden. [details]
  • Gauthier, D. (2016). Opcodes and Dipoles. Abstract from Annual National Deleuze Conference, Amsterdam, Netherlands. [details]


  • Gauthier, D. (2015). Deceit: 800% Slower. Abstract from The 6th New Materialism Conference, Maribor, Slovenia. [details]
  • Gauthier, D. (2015). The Politics of the "Cold Gaze". Paper presented at *.exe (ver0.1), Aarhus, Denmark. [details]


  • Gauthier, D., & La Cour, E. (2013). Coding / Decoding the Archive. Paper presented at The Postcolonial Museum, Naples, Italy. [details]


  • Gauthier, D. (2012). Aesthetics of Errors. Abstract from Aesthetics Re-loaded, Aarhus, Denmark. [details]

Wetenschappelijke positie

  • Gauthier, David (member) (2015-2018): EU ISCH COST Action IS1307—New Materialism: Networking European Scholarship on 'How Matter Comes to Matter' (External organisation).
  • Gauthier, David (member) (2015-2019): Netherlands Institute for Cultural Analysis (External organisation).


  • Gauthier, David (participant) (2017): Transmediale (participating in a conference, workshop, ...).
  • Gauthier, David (visiting researcher) (21-10-2016 - 5-11-2016): FACT (The Foundation for Art & Creative Technology) (visiting an external academic institution).
  • Gauthier, David (participant) (2014): Transmediale (participating in a conference, workshop, ...).


  • Gauthier, David (invited speaker) & Allan, Jamie (invited speaker) (1-2-2014): Counter-Environment Infrastructures and Substrata of the Global Village, Marshall McLuhan Salon / Embassy of Canada in Berlin.
  • Gauthier, David (invited speaker) (11-2-2014): How critical are infrastructures?, Universität der Künste Berlin.
  • Gauthier, David (invited speaker) (9-1-2013): Nondisciplinary, OCAD University.
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