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mw. T.T. (Penn) Ip MA

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PhD candidate at the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis (ASCA)


Penn Ip’s research is conducted under the scope of the HERA-funded project “Creating the ‘New’ Asian Woman: Entanglements of Urban Space, Cultural Encounters and Gendered Identities in Shanghai and Delhi.”  The interdisciplinary project is coordinated by Prof. Christiane Brosius (Visual and Media Anthropology, University of Heidelberg, DE), Dr. Melissa Butcher (Geography, Open University, UK), and Prof. Jeroen de Kloet (Globalisation Studies, University of Amsterdam, NL).


Research Title

Affect and Urbanity: Single Migrant Women’s “Home” in Shanghai


Research Description

Currently, there are 262 million rural-to-urban migrant workers in China. They are known as the “floating population” since they are people without hukou (household registration), which means they cannot obtain permanent residency rights at their destination.  As China’s most cosmopolitan city, Shanghai’s population comprises more than 3 million migrant women.  Central to my project is the study of the mediation, construction and composition of the working-class single migrant woman’s “home”. The project’s objective is to unfold the ways in which this “home” is being mediated and how the single women construct and compose it, thereby not only shaping, modifying, and manipulating their intimate lives (particularly at the affective level), but also allowing for moments of agency and sites of empowerment in the era of precariousness.  In terms of existing scholarship, the topic of migrant women has attracted a fair amount of research, which, however, mainly focuses on these women as economically exploited victims in a global capitalist system.  Their intimate lives and their negotiation of city spaces have been largely neglected.  I employ affect theory to interrogate single migrant women as affective / exploring beings. 



Bachelor's level

Gender, Culture and Society, General Education Course, at the City University of Hong Kong (Aug – Dec 2010)

Tourism, Culture and Development, General Education Course, at the City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong (Jan – May 2011)



“Gender in General Education: Producing and Teaching Intimate Knowledge.” 

International Conference in the University of Nottingham, UK.

Paper presented with dr. Yuk Wah Chen (Aug 2010)


  • Ip, T. T. (2018). Migrant Women Walking Down the Cheap Road: Modernization and Being Fashionable in Shanghai. In A. Staub (Ed.), The Routledge Companion to Modernity, Space and Gender (pp. 320). Routledge.


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