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dhr. dr. B. (Bart) Karstens

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Bart Karstens is postdoctoral research fellow in the NWO sponsored project 'The Flow of Cognitive Goods. Towards a Post-Disciplinary History of Knowledge' (2016-2020). Before entering this project he was postdoctoral researcher in the project ‘Legal Structures’ (2014-2016) in which he worked in close cooperation with Marijn Koolen (Huygens Institute), Giuseppe Dari-Mattiacci (ACLE) en Rens Bod (ILLC). He is a member of the Vossius Center for the History of Humanities and Sciences, managing editor of the journal History of Humanities and executive officer of the Society for the History of Humanities. His areas of specialization include: History and Philosophy of Science, Historiography of Science, History of Linguistics, History of the Humanities, Discipline Formation, Comparativism and conceptualization of the notions of error, structure and structuralism. Students interested in these areas and/or specific topics can approach me for tutorials, thesis projects, etc.


  • Karstens, B., & Bouterse, J. (2015). A Diversity of Divisions: Tracing the History of the Demarcation between the Sciences and the Humanities. Isis, 106(2), 341-352. DOI: 10.1086/681995 [details]


  • Karstens, B. (2014). The Lack of a Satisfactory Conceptualization of the Notion of Error in Historiography of Science: Two Main Approaches and their Shortcomings. In G. Hon, M. Boumans, & A. C. Petersen (Eds.), Error and Uncertainty in Scientific Practice. (pp. 13-37). London: Pickering & Chatto. [details]
  • Karstens, B. (2014). The Peculiar Maturation of the History of Science. In R. Bod, J. Maat, & T. Weststeijn (Eds.), The making of the humanities. - Vol. 3: The modern humanities (pp. 183-203). Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press. [details] [PDF]
  • Karstens, B., Koolen, M., Dari Mattiacci, G., Bod, R., & Ginsburg, T. (2014). Reference Structures of National Constitutions. In R. Winkels, & N. Lettieri (Eds.), NAiL 2014: 2nd international workshop on "Network Analysis in Law": Wednesday december 10th 2014: in conjunction with JURIX 2014: 27th International Conference on Legal Knowledge and Information Systems, Krakow, Poland. Amsterdam: [S.n.]. [details]


  • Karstens, B. (2015). [Bespreking van: P.J. van Strien (2011) Psychologie van de wetenschap : creativiteit, serendipiteit, de persoonlijke factor en de sociale context]. Studium, 8(4). DOI: 10.18352/studium.10123  [details]
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