Fotograaf: Eduard Lampe

dhr. dr. N. (Niels) Koopman

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    Capaciteitsgroep Griekse en Latijnse talen en culturen
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PhD Thesis 

In November 2014 I defended my PhD thesis, which was written as a part of the NWO-project Ancient War Narrative. A combined discourse-linguistic and narratological approach.

My dissertation contains an investigation into the nature of five ancient Greek ekphraseis: 1. the shield of Achilles in the Iliad (18.478-608); 2. the shield of Heracles in the pseudo-Hesiodic Scutum (139-320); 3. the goatherd’s cup in Theocritus’ first Idyll (27-60); 4. Jason’s cloak in Apollonius Rhodius’ Argonautica (1.721-68); and 5. Europa’s basket in Moschus’ Europa (37-62). The main aim of this thesis is to investigate to what degree these ekphraseis can be regarded as descriptive, and to what degree as narrative. For definitions of narration and description, this thesis draws on modern narratological and discourse linguistic theory. By close analysis of the ekphraseis, it is shown that they contain both descriptive and narrative elements.

Keywords: ancient Greek, epic, ekphrasis, narrative, description, narrativity, descriptivity, discourse modes, visualization, narrative in art

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