mw. M. (Maria) Kranendonk

  • Faculteit der Maatschappij- en Gedragswetenschappen
    Programmagroep: Challenges to Democratic Representation
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    REC BC
    Nieuwe Achtergracht 166  Kamernummer: B10.01
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    Postbus  15578
    1001 NB  Amsterdam

I am a PhD Candidate at the department of political science at the University of Amsterdam and the Germany Institute Amsterdam (Duitsland Instituut Amsterdam). My work focuses primarily on the link between social identification and political participation among immigrants from predominantly Muslim countries in Western Europe. I research to what extent this link is affected by the perception of group grievances, personal discrimination, national identification (dual identification), group differences and other contexts; my research interests include the political participation of immigrants and their children, origin country and religious identification, perception of group grievances, personal discrimination, group dynamics and social political contexts.

I combine quantitative (analysis of survey data) and qualitative methods (interviews in Amsterdam and Berlin) in my project.

Other research interests include ethnic voting, transnational political participation, external voting of Turkish citizens in the Netherlands, the trade unionization of immigrants, voting behavior and party preferences among immigrants, and other organizational processes.


  • Kranendonk, M., Vermeulen, F. F., & van Heelsum, A. (in press). ‘Unpacking’ the Identity-to-Politics Link: The Effects of Social Identification on Voting among Muslim Immigrants in Western Europe. Political Psychology.


  • Kranendonk, M., & de Beer, P. (2016). What explains the union membership gap between migrants and natives? British Journal of Industrial Relations, 54(4), 846-869. DOI: 10.1111/bjir.12192  [details] 


  • Kranendonk, M., Vermeulen, F., & Aydemir, N. (2015). Turkse parlementsverkiezingen 2015 in Nederland. (IMES report series). Amsterdam: Instituut voor Migratie en Etnische Studies (IMES), Universiteit van Amsterdam. [details] 


  • Kranendonk, M., & Vermeulen, F. (2014). Turkse presidentsverkiezingen 2014 in Nederland. Amsterdam: Instituut voor Migratie en Etnische Studies (IMES), Universiteit van Amsterdam. [details] 
  • Kranendonk, M., Michon, L., Schwarz, H., & Vermeulen, F. (2014). Opkomst en stemgedrag van Amsterdammers met een migratie-achtergrond tijdens de gemeenteraadsverkiezingen van 19 maart 2014. Amsterdam: IMES, Instituut voor Migratie en Etnische Studies, Universiteit van Amsterdam. [details] 


  • Vermeulen, F., Kranendonk, M., & Esajas, M. (2014). Hoe de PvdA de migrantenstem kan terugwinnen. Socialisme en Democratie, 71(4), 52-59. [details] 
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