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Roland Iwan Luttens

Roland Iwan Luttens teaches Economic Thought in a Historical Perspective, the economics part of the theme course Introduction to Social Policy and Fundamentals of Microeconomics at Amsterdam University College. He is also a tutor. He holds a MSc in economics from the K.U.Leuven and a PhD in economics from Ghent University. His doctoral dissertation studied the introduction of liberal-egalitarian principles of justice in the axiomatic design of redistribution mechanisms. Before joining AUC, he worked six years as a post-doctoral researcher for the Fund for Scientific Research - Flanders (FWO). During that period, he long-term visited Ecole Polytechnique (Paris), the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration (Bergen) and VU University Amsterdam. His current research tackles the question "who gets what and why?" in various economic settings. Among other things, he studies union-firm wage bargaining under non-binding contracts, equilibrium allocations in jungle economies where property rights are absent and the adjudication of conflicting claims in bankruptcy situations. He is an affiliated researcher of the Choice Lab (NHH).


Publications in Refereed International Journals

  • Gradual collective wage bargaining, Labour Economics, forthcoming (joint with S. Dobbelaere).
  • Demand lotteries, abandonment options and the decision to start R&D and process innovation, Management Revue 26(1), 25-51, 2015 (joint with S. Dobbelaere and B. Peters).
  • Voting for redistribution under desert-sensitive altruism, Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 114(3), 881-907, 2012 (joint with M.-A. Valfort).
  • Minimal rights based solidarity, Social Choice and Welfare, 34(1), 47-64, 2010.
  • Is it fair to 'make work pay'?, Economica, 74(296), 599-626, 2007 (joint with E. Ooghe).
  • Lorenz dominance and non-welfaristic redistribution, Social Choice and Welfare, 28(2), 281-302, 2007 (joint with D. Van de gaer).
  • Responsibility sensitive egalitarianism and optimal linear income taxation, Mathematical Social Sciences, 48(2), 151-182, 2004 (joint with E. Schokkaert, D. Van de gaer and F. Vandenbroucke).

Working papers / work in progress

  • Lower bounds rule!
  • Pareto efficiency in the jungle (joint with H. Houba and H.P. Weikard).
  • Fairness in bankruptcy situations: an experimental study (joint with A. Cappelen, E. Sorensen and B. Tungodden).

Teaching at AUC

  • Economic Thought in a Historical Perspective (900131SSC).
  • Fundamentals of Microeconomics (900236SSC).
  • Theme course: Introduction to Social Systems (1) (900112SSC).


  • Schokkaert, E., Van de Gaer, D., Vandenbroucke, F. I. G., & Luttens, R. I. (2004). Responsibility sensitive egalitarianism and optimal linear income taxation. Mathematical Social Sciences, 48(2), 151-182. DOI: 10.1016/j.mathsocsci.2004.01.002 [details]
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