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Hannah U. Nohlen is an assistant professor at the psychology department of the University of Amsterdam. Her research focuses on social psychological topics including attitudes and attitude change.

Next to supervision of BA and MA theses students, her current teaching includes the courses "Applying Research Methods" (MSc), "Motivation and Cognition" (BSc, PPLE), and "Social Psychological Research" (BSc).  She has also taught courses on "Decision-Making" (BSc, PPLE), "Solidarity" (BSc, PPLE), and "Current debates in attitudes and decision-making" (Research Master).


  • Nohlen, H. U., van Harreveld, F., Rotteveel, M., Barends, A. J., & Larsen, J. T. (2016). Affective responses to ambivalence are context-dependent: A facial EMG study on the role of inconsistency and evaluative context in shaping affective responses to ambivalence. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 65, 42-51. DOI: 10.1016/j.jesp.2016.02.001  [details] 


  • van Harreveld, F., Nohlen, H. U., & Schneider, I. K. (2015). The ABC of ambivalence: Affective, Behavioral, and Cognitive consequences of attitudinal conflict. Advances in Experimental Social Psychology, 52, 285-324. DOI: 10.1016/bs.aesp.2015.01.002  [details] 


  • Nohlen, H. U., van Harreveld, F., Rotteveel, M., Lelieveld, G-J., & Crone, E. A. (2014). Evaluating ambivalence: social-cognitive and affective brain regions associated with ambivalent decision-making. Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, 9(7), 924-931. DOI: 10.1093/scan/nst074  [details] 
  • van Harreveld, F., Rutjens, B. T., Schneider, I. K., Nohlen, H. U., & Keskinis, K. (2014). In doubt and disorderly: Ambivalence promotes compensatory perceptions of order. Journal of Experimental Psychology. General, 143(4), 1666-1676. DOI: 10.1037/a0036099  [details] 


  • van Harreveld, F., Schneider, I. K., Nohlen, H., & van der Pligt, J. (2012). The dynamics of ambivalence: evaluative conflict in attitudes and decision making. In B. Gawronski, & F. Strack (Eds.), Cognitive consistency: a fundamental principle in social cognition (pp. 267-284). New York, NY: Guildford Press. [details] 


  • Nohlen, H., van Harreveld, F., Petrova, D., Rotteveel, M., & van der Pligt, J. (2011). Jolly jokers: de rol van consequenties op onzekerheid en ongemak bij ambivalente keuzes. Jaarboek Sociale Psychologie, 2011, 157-160. [details] 


  • Nohlen, H., Hendriks, H., Brandtmeyer, T., & Holland, R. W. (2009). For scent-imental reasons: Het koppelen van geuren aan specifiek gedrag. Jaarboek Sociale Psychologie, 2009, 303-310.


  • van Harreveld, F., Nohlen, H. U., & Schneider, I. K. (2015). You shall not always get what you want: the consequences of ambivalence toward desires. In W. Hofmann, & F. Nordgren (Eds.), The psychology of desire (pp. 267-285). New York: The Guilford Press. [details] 


  • Nohlen, H. U., & van Harreveld, F. (2017). Psychologische inzichten in maatschappelijk (on)wenselijk gedrag: Sexting, voetbalvandalisme, winkeldiefstal, digitale geschiloplossing, en woonoverlast nader beschouwd . Amsterdam: Universiteit van Amsterdam. [details] 


  • Nohlen, H. U., van Harreveld, F. & Cunningham, W. (2016). Grant for literature research on prosocial behavior from the WODS (Department of Justice).
  • Nohlen, H. U., van Harreveld, F. & Cunningham, W. (2016). Grant for literature research on prosocial behavior..
  • Nohlen, H. (2016). ASPO Dissertation Award 2016.
  • Nohlen, H. U. & Kommattam, P. (2015). SPSP Graduate Travel Award: Best Project Award at Summer School: Emotion Expressions in Human and Nonhuman communication.
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