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mw. M.A. (Marlou) van Rijn MA

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    1012 VB Amsterdam
  • Profile

    In my PhD research, I investigated to what extent the semantic opposition between modifiers and arguments constrains the expression of dependency relations across the world's languages. My research focuses on four dimensions of expression:


    • locus of marking (also known as 'head/dependent marking', cf. Nichols 1986, 1992)
    • referentiality of person marking, i.e. the functional status of person markers as independent referential expressions, similar to pronouns, or markers of agreement
    • the morpho-phonological realization of person markers, i.e. their formal status as words, clitics, affixes or fused forms
    • identity of marking, i.e. the degree to which languages use the same morphosyntactic forms to mark different types of dependency relations


    My work focuses on adnominal possessive constructions, but extends to morphosyntactic marking in adpositional phrases and verbal main clauses as well.


    My thesis can be freely downloaded (see link below). 


    Link to my PhD thesis

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  • Presentations




    • 'Alienability splits in action nominalizations' (together with Eva van Lier). 50th SLE conference, Zurich, Switzerland. 10-13 September 2017.
    • 'Differential possessive marking of arguments in action nominalizations: A typological survey' (together with Eva van Lier). DGfS Workshop on Coding Asymmetries, Saarbruecken, Germany. 8-10 March 2017.
    • 'The grammaticalization of substance and structure in possessive person marking'. Workshop on Substance and Structure in linguistics, Copenhagen, Denmark. 27-28 February 2015.
    • 'Argument coding in Oceanic nominalizations' (together with Eva van Lier). 10th ALT Conference, Leipzig, Germany. 15-18 August 2013.
    • 'Alienability and the rise of possessive agreement'. 46th SLE Conference, Split, Croatia. 18-21 September 2013.
    • 'From cross-reference towards agreement within the possessive NP'. Workshop Agreement from a diachronic perspective, University of Marburg, Germany. 3-5 October 2012.
    • 'Valency within the possessive noun phrase: a new approach to head/dependent marking'. 45th SLE Conference, Stockholm, Zweden. 29 August - 1 September 2012.
    • 'From cross-reference to agreement within the possessive noun phrase: configurational grammaticalization in FDG'. International Conference of Functional Discourse Grammar, Gent, Belgium. 6-8 June 2012.
    • 'Phrasal alignment in Functional  Discourse Grammar' (poster). 9th ALT Conference, Hong Kong, China. 21-24 July 2011.



    • 'Alignment beyond the clause: the morphosyntax of phrasal and clausal dependency relations'. Meeting of the Language Typology and Description research group, University of Amsterdam. 4 February 2015.
    • 'The coding of dependency relations: patterns of polyfunctionality'. Work in progress meeting, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig, Germany. 18 March 2014.
    • 'Marking possession: a new approach to locus and agreement'. Typologiekolloquium, University of Leipzig, Germany. 5 February 2014.
    • 'From cross-reference towards agreement within the possessive NP'. NAP-dag, University of Amsterdam, 12 October 2012.
    • 'Predication and modification within the possessive noun phrase: a new approach to head/dependent marking'. LOT Summer School, Utrecht, The Netherlands. 9 July 2012.
    • 'Predication and modification within the noun phrase: a typological study'. LOT Winter School, Tilburg, The Netherlands. 9 January 2012.
    • 'Predication and modification within the possessive noun phrase: a Functional Discourse Grammar approach to head/dependent marking'. Functional Discourse Grammar Colloquium, University of Amsterdam. 17 June 2011.
    • 'Phrasal alignment in Functional Discourse Grammar'. Paper presented at the Functional Discourse Grammar Colloquium, University of Amsterdam. 22 October 2010.
    • 'Existentials in Functional Discourse Grammar'. Paper presented (poster) at PosterFest, University of Amsterdam. 24 January 2010.


    Slides are available upon request.

  • Publicaties


    • van Rijn, M. (2016). Locus of marking typology in the possessive NP: A new approach. Folia Linguistica, 50(1), 269-327. DOI: 10.1515/flin-2016-0009  [details] 
    • van Rijn, M. (2016). The grammaticalization of possessive person marking: A typological approach. Transactions of the Philological Society, 114(2), 233-276. DOI: 10.1111/1467-968X.12077  [details] 


    • van Lier, E., & van Rijn, M. (2013). Argument coding in nominalizations of Central-Eastern Oceanic languages. Lingue e Linguaggio, 12(2), 279-305. DOI: 10.1418/75044  [details] 


    • van Rijn, M. (2011). Phrasal alignment in Functional Discourse Grammar. Web Papers in Functional Discourse Grammar, 84, 1-30. [details] 


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