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I am a linguist currently doing my PhD in Machine Translation under the supervision of Wilker Aziz. I obtained my B.A. and M.A. in linguistics from the Seminar für Sprachwissenschaft at the University of Tübingen. A more detailed description of my past can be found in the form of a CV in the downloads section.

My research focuses on building probabilistic Bayesian models for machine translation. I am also interested in designing fast and efficient approximate inference algorithms for that purpose. Generally, I care a lot about statistical theory. I am by no means a statistician myself but I try to continuously educate myself and get a better grasp of statistical theory. A good daily discussion of statistical problems present in most research field can be found on Andrew Gelman's blog. Together with Christian Schaffner, I have designed an UvA course called "Basic Probability, Computing and Statistics" where we teach students the basics of probability theory, statistics and Python programming. We also wrote a (continuously evolving) script for that course. Any feedback on the script will be welcome!

My scientific interests in linguistic fields other than machine translation are wide-spread. On the one hand I am very critical of work being done in formal linguistics. Though a formal linguist himself, Wolfgang Sternefeld has made me aware of the shortcomings of this strand of research. On the other hand, I am very fond of linguistic theories that try to explain language as a form of human social and communicative behaviour. In my master's thesis I explored how such a theory can be applied to the linguistic notion of information structure (see the downloads section). I was lucky enough to have Michael Ramscar as my master's thesis advisor who was of great influence in my writing. Another interest of mine is phonetics. I have been taught a great deal of what I know about this subject by Yi Xu. He also helped me to appreciate the complex nature of language and the benefits of principled experimental investigations.

In 2014, I have served as a co-chair for the ESSLLI student session. Furthermore I was the program chair at the 15th Szklarska Poreba Workshop. Thanks to everyone who submitted or otherwise participated in those events.

In 2015, I chaired the ESSLLI student session together with Miriam Kaeshammer (SAP). Thanks to all participants and presenters!


  • Schulz, P., Ferreira Aziz, W., & Sima'an, K. (2016). Word Alignment without NULL words[details]
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