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dhr. dr. M.E. (Menno) Spiering

Moderne Europese Letterkunde
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Britain is the cradle of Euroscepticism. The term is a British invention, reflecting the strong sentiments against continued membership of the European institutions. Instead of providing yet another overview of the politics of the troubled relationship, this book lays bare the root cause, which is that the British are literally Euro-sceptic. The sense of Euro-alienation is not just sparked by dictates from Brussels, but mostly stems from a deep-seated idea that across the Channel live 'Europeans' whose collective customs are different, and often worse, than those of the British. Even modern historians at times appear conditioned to regard Europe as a unit outside Britain. There is good Europe (as manifested in the arts) and bad Europe (undemocratic, dictatorial), but Britain has no part of either. The Anglo-European cultural divide and the British invention of Europe are traced from their beginnings in the 16th century to the present day, exploring various, sources including political speeches, academic writings, novels and the media.

Posts currently held

Lecturer at the Department of European Studies, University of Amsterdam.
Coordinator of the MA programme in European studies, University of Amsterdam.
Chariman of the board of examiners of the Graduate School for Humanities, University of Amsterdam.
Editor in chief of European Studies: A Journal of European Culture, History and Politics .
Educational and professional background
1983 -    Lecturer at the Department of European Studies, University of Amsterdam.
1992      Visiting professor at the University of Hull.
1993      PhD in English Literature, University of Amsterdam.
1997 -    1998 Visiting professor at the University of Minnesota.
Research interests
National, European Identity
Britain and Europe
Europe in literature


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  • Spiering, M. E. (2006). Food, phagophobia and English national identity. In T. M. Wilson (Ed.), Food, drink and identity in Europe. (pp. 31-48). (European studies; No. 22). Amsterdam: Rodopi. [details]


  • Spiering, M. E. (1992). Englishness. Amsteram - Atlanta: Rodopi. [details]


  • Spiering, Menno (14-06-2017): Documentary Treaty of Maastricht. Documentary Treaty of Maastricht.
  • Spiering, Menno (10-05-2017): Documentary Erasmus. Documentary Erasmus.


  • Spiering, Menno (speaker) (13-6-2017): Keeping calm: de vervroegde Britse verkiezingen, Faculty of Humanities (FGw).
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