dhr. E.W. (Michiel) Stapper MSc

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    Programmagroep: Political Sociology: Power, Place and Difference
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In recent decades, urban development has been managed by stakeholders collaborating in public-private partnerships. Because the stakeholders that work together have different institutional designs, agreements (not enforceable by court and enforceable by court) are needed to regulate their relations and responsibilities. Research on those agreements shows that the incorporation of community interests in those agreements is challenging. Moreover, cities become increasingly divers and traditional ways to engage with communities are challenged. Finding new ways to collaborate between public parties, private parties and communities are therefore needed.  

For this reason, I will investigate how stakeholders define community interests and translate them in agreements. In addition, I will scrutinize how the collaborating between stakeholders in governance networks is coordinated. Coordination tasks are increasingly outsourced to private parties such as consultancy firms. Because research on the role of consultants in managing urban development is rare, I will explore their role in the urban development process. 

This study investigates case-studies in New York, Hamburg and Amsterdam. While the planning tradition of the cities is different the cities show innovative ways to use agreements to incorporate community interests in urban development. My research is supervised by Jan Willem Duyvendak (UvA), Leonie Janssen-Jansen (WUR) and Menno van der Veen (UvA).

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