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mw. dr. M.J.N. (Maartje) Stols-Witlox

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Current position

Maartje Stols-Witlox is Assistant Professor Paintings Conservation, coordinates the MA program in Paintings Conservation at the University of Amsterdam, and is member of the management team of this program. She is active on all levels of university teaching, including PhD supervision (currently co-promotor of 3 PhDs).

Maartje Stols-Witlox specialises in the examination of historical paintings, with special focus on historical artists’ recipes and their reconstruction with ‘historically informed’ materials. She has published widely on issues related to historical grounds in North West Europe, on reconstruction methodologies and on the investigation of conservation history through recipe research. In June 2017, she co-organised an interdisciplinary NIAS-Lorentz workshop on methodologies for performative methods, Re-enactment, Reconstruction and Replication. This workshop led to the establishment of a network for researchers employing performative methodologies. A book of essays based on this week is currently in preparation. Stols-Witlox futhermore headed the NICAS seed money project Scientific Reasoning in Art, Evaluating Evidence in Painting Research using a Bayesian Approach (2016-2017) and is affiliated to the Artechne project - Technique in the Arts 1500-1950 (Utrecht University).

Stols-Witlox is an active member of the DocenTENkamer, the Faculty of Humanities Teaching Exchange Network

Short biography

Stols obtained a BA and MA in Art History at the University of Leiden and subsequently studied Conservation of paintings and painted objects at the post-graduate programme of the Limburg Conservation Institute in Maastricht. She specialised in the structural conservation of panel paintings during a six-month internship at the Hamilton Kerr Institute, University of Cambridge. Stols has worked as a paintings conservator in The Mauritshuis, The Hague, in several private studios in the Netherlands, and has her own private conservation practice. As researcher of historical paint recipes, Stols has acted as research associate in the HART Project, HART standing for Historically Accurate Reconstruction Techniques (project leader: Dr. L. Carlyle). The HART Project was part of the De Mayerne Programme, a multi-disciplinary five year research programme in the Netherlands, sponsored by NWO. Stols was core team member of the PAinT Project, PAinT standing for Paint: Alterations in Time (2012-216). Within this NWO-sponsored research project inside the Science4Art Programme, conservators, conservation scientists, computational scientists and chemists in coopeeration with major Dutch museums and international research partners investigated ageing, deterioration and migration processes in oil paints related to pigment-binding medium interactions.The PAinT project aimed to provide an improved scientific basis to guide future conservation strategies. Stols' project Restoration recipes was selected by the Amsterdam University Fund as one of the four 'Jaarfonds' fundraising projects for 2014.

Stols-Witlox is member of the scientific boards of the 2015 Metal Soaps in Art Conference (Amsterdam), the 2018 Trade in Artists Materials Conference (Copenhagen, Denmark), of the organising committee of the 2018 Preservering Rembrandt symposium, and member of the steering committee of the Mobility Creates Master (MoCMa) network and of the IAEA expert committee on Safe Irradiation Levels for the Instrumental Analysis of Cultural Heritage.

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  • Stols-Witlox, M. (organiser) (20-6-2016). First SciRe expert meeting, Amsterdam, Netherlands (organising a conference, workshop, ...).


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