Science Master's Event

11okt2018 17:30 - 21:00


Join us for our Science Master’s Event and learn more about our Master’s programmes during information sessions at the Faculty of Science. The Science Master's Event takes place Thursday 11 October and starts at 17.30.

For whom?

The evening is for everyone who is interested in one of the Master's programmes of the Faculty of Science: both Bachelor students and professionals in the workforce.

The programme consists of:

  • Master’s programme sessions: All Master’s programmes offer one or two (identical) information sessions. Several interdisciplinary Master’s programmes are also present. All sessions are in English.
  • Session about Majors and Minors: 
    There is also a special session that gives an overview of the option to do a society or business-oriented major or minor which focus on skills other than doing research. The majors are: Science for Society and Science Communication and Teaching. The minors are: Tesla and Science for Sustainability.

Information fair

Between the information sessions the bar and canteen will be open for a drink or a snack and you can visit the information fair where you will find staff and students from all the programmes, the international team and study advisers. 


The programme is now available via the link below.

UvA Master's Day

Are you interested in a non-Science Master's programme? Find out what other options there are for you during the UvA Master's Day which takes place Saturday 13 October.


If you have any questions or remarks concerning the Master's Event, please contact us at: Meet the MSc.


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