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What our students say:

Taco Cohen

'In AI research we focus on getting the system to actually perform a task – whether it is recognizing objects in images, understanding natural language, or any of the myriad manifestations of intelligence - while only occasionally glancing at biology. This is what appeals to me most.'

Janneke van der Zwaan

'When I started studying I did the Bachelor Dutch linguistics and language. It wasn't enough challenge for me. When I transferred to the Factulty of Science, it really felt like coming home. The people thought the same way as me.'

Hossain Kazemi

'There are only a few universities worldwide that offer a MSc in Artificial Intelligence, the University of Amsterdam being one of them. I first found out all about the programme on the web and was triggered by the quality of the education.' 

AI students in the Data Science Game competition

'We drove to the chateau of event sponsor Capgemini, just north of Paris, a day before the competition to enjoy the pool and setup our equipment. Starting 8 am on Saturday, we were to classify Youtube video categories based on metadata like the title, description and view count.'