Master Medical Informatics

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Medical Informatics at the AMC-UvA: unique in the Netherlands

Medical Informatics (MI) is a discipline concerned with solving information-related problems in the medical and healthcare sectors. As a Medical Informatician, you stand apart from other information scientists because of your medical knowledge and your understanding of the specific role and significance of information in the complex world of healthcare. You are more an expert in information analysis, representation, system design, implementation and evaluation than in developing the advanced technologies which underlie information systems. The Master of Science in Medical Informatics at the University of Amsterdam Academic Medical Centre (AMC-UvA) is a unique course, the only one of its kind in the Netherlands.

Changing medicine

With an MSc in Medical Informatics, you will be responding to the ever-growing need for a sound scientific approach to knowledge and information in the modern health services. A qualified Medical Informatician is able to identify, analyse, describe and solve medical information problems. In so doing, the selection, synthesis and evaluation of information science theories, models and methods play an important role. You also draw upon knowledge from related disciplines, such as computer science, medicine, business studies, logistical management and the social sciences.

Treatment and organisation

Improving the quality and outcome of medical treatment and enhancing the efficiency of the care process are at the heart of the MSc in Medical Informatics. As an MI student, you concentrate upon issues in two main areas.

  • Medical treatment – in particular, medical decision-making and the support available from information systems – as well as patient-related issues;
  • Healthcare organisation and processes - in particular, the use of information technology in structuring and organising patient-care processes (care-chain logistics).

Accreditation and degree

The quality of this master's programme has been positively assessed by the Accreditation Organisation of The Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO) under the Dutch name of 'Medische informatiekunde'. This means that upon successful completion of the programme students will receive a legally accredited master's degree and the title Master of Science (MSc). You can find more information on accreditation and degrees through the links below.

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