International Trade and Investment Law (International and European Law)

The International Trade and Investment Law track of the Master's programme in International and European Law deals with two aspects of international economic law.

International trade and investment are driving forces in the world economy and its increasing globalization. This track focuses on the international law that governs these economic relations for states and regions.

Studying International Trade and Investment Law

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Study programme

A significant part of the programme concerns the Geneva-based World Trade Organisation (WTO). The WTO provides the legal framework for the multilateral trading systems for goods and services, including its advanced system of dispute resolution.

A crucial and dynamic field of international law

An important body of WTO case law balances trading interests and other societal objectives, such as the protection of human health or the environment. The international regulation of trade also goes beyond traditional market access issues into the realm of domestic regulation, to consider intellectual property rights and international product and food safety standards. All this and much more makes it a crucial and dynamic field of international law.

International investment law is the second big part of this programme. In this subject area, a large network of bilateral investment treaties (BITs) set the legal frameworks for the treatment of foreign investors and for the settlement of their disputes by international arbitration. The increasing number of investor-state arbitral awards testifies to the importance and centrality of investment law. It also comes with a host of new challenges.

Degree certificate

International Trade and Investment Law is a track of the accredited degree programme International and European Law. After successful completion of this programme, you will receive a legally accredited Master's degree in International and European Law and the title Master of Laws (LLM).

LLM International and European law
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