Public International Law (International and European Law)

Public International Law is a track of the Master's programme in International and European Law. The programme introduces students to the core areas of general international law, including sources, international responsibility, international organisations, and human rights.

Public international law has a long tradition but also an acute modern relevance. Its main functions are the facilitation of the co-existence of independent states and communities and the furtherance of international cooperation for shared interests. Both functions are of critical importance in an era of internationalisation and globalisation.

Studying Public International Law

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The Public International Law track is taught by leading international law scholars with a high academic reputation and broad experience in the practice of international law. In addition to lectures, most courses are taught in smaller seminars or working groups allowing for a challenging exchange of ideas on the latest developments and academic insights in this dynamic area of law.

Degree certificate

Public International Law is a track of the accredited degree programme International and European Law. After successful completion of this programme, you will receive a legally accredited Master's degree in International and European Law and the title Master of Laws (LLM).

LLM International and European law
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