Masterstudio 2018 | The Circle City: Planning for Resourceful Cities

08jan2018 12jan2018 09:30


How can cities reuse their resources to provide for housing, public spaces and urban qualities? How can planning reduce the environmental impact of urban development? What type of policies and projects can we design in make urban space more adaptive to energy, waste and water resources?

Please note that this is the event for the 2018 Master Studio, which has already taken place. The Masterstudio 2019 will be published shortly.


The 2018 edition of the Studio will explore the impact and practice of the principles of circularity in developing urban areas, housing, public space. Still today, the idea of circularity is not yet addressed in the field of planning and urban development. The Studio therefore engages with it in order to explore the transformation of the urban fabrics, the changing spatial practices and modes of governance that are underlying the shift to an idea of close-loop material flows and circular economy. The format of the studio combines critical scholarship, policy making and case study analysis in the context of Amsterdam Region. It is organized around 4 topics.


On Wednesday 10th, the Studio will open a public debate at Pakhuis de Zwijger, at 19:30 (Kleine Zaal).


All days are open to external participants. Please register by sending email to indicating your address and full name. Costs: €150/week, €40/day (please specify day). Costs for institutions: €800/week, €200/day.

Location: University Theater, room 3.01

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