A Peaceful Mind: Mindfulness and Compassion-based Interventions

As our world becomes busier and more interconnected, people's lives take different trajectories towards new futures. This socio-cultural shift also affects our well being. But has our way of understanding individual health and wellness also shifted to adapt to the changes we see in ourselves and others?

This summer programme explores Emotion Regulation and contemplative practices such as mindfulness and compassion-based interventions across education, clinical, and organizational structures to develop new strategies and approaches to health and wellness. Mental health conditions in youth and adults are an expanding and global concern. Numerous mental health conditions are significantly related to poor capacity of Emotion Regulation. Thus, learning adaptive Emotion Regulation strategies has strong potential in promoting psychological well-being, providing tools for youths to live healthy adult lives. Fees include participation in the International Conference on Mindfulness in Amsterdam 10-13 July, 2018.

Academic Dates 1 July - 20 July 2018
Housing Dates 29 July afternoon - 23 July morning 2018 
Academic Director Dr. Maja Wrzesien
Application Deadline 15 March 2018

This 3-week summer programme provides an overview on the topic of emotion regulation and contemplative practices such as mindfulness- and compassion-based interventions. The course will focus on clinical and non-clinical populations, and various age groups (children, teenagers, and adults), combining theoretical knowledge and practice. By inviting experts from research and clinical practices, we seek to unite evidence-based knowledge with field-work expertise. Moreover, this year we have the unique opportunity to allow our summer school students to participate in the International Conference on Mindfulness 2018, organized this year at the University of Amsterdam, bringing together the biggest experts in mindfulness research and practice.

In the last years, interventions inspired by contemplative practices such as mindfulness- and compassion-based interventions have shown promising results as effective emotion regulation techniques. They are also effective prevention and treatment tools that have been applied in various areas such as education (for children, parents, teachers), clinical interventions (for mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, Autism Spectrum Disorder and many more), and organizations (providing new leadership styles and preventive tools against burn-outs).

6 EC, 3 weken

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