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The electrochemistry course is an introduction on the use of electrochemical techniques in conservation. It will go from corrosion aspects of metals, through the monitoring of electrochemical parameters to the actual use of these parameters to conserve electrolytically metal artefacts or composite artefacts that contain metals to conserve.

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Startdatum 16 juni 2015
Einddatum 19 juni 2015
Tijd 00:00


The main contents of the course will be:
1. Introduction to electrochemistry applied to conservation
2. Main parameters to control electrochemical processes that are accessible to conservation professionals and factors affecting them
3. Electrolytic techniques applied in conservation: determination of parameters
4. Application to case studies: cleaning of silver tarnish, consolidative reduction of active lead, cleaning and stabilisation of marine or archaeological copper and iron artefacts, stabilisation of aluminium objects. 

For information about the full programme, the lecturer and how to apply, please have a look at the attached leaflet.  

Leaflet Electrochemistry Registration form Terms and conditions